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What to do with unwanted NPC's?

So, I'm playing a good character in Chapter 2, with myself, Jaehira, Minsc, Yoshimo, and Aerie currently in the party. Long-term I'm probably going to stick to good/neutral NPC's in the party. I've arrived at the Copper Coronet and now I have good, neutral, and 2 evil NPC's to choose from.

Do a lot of you like to add the unwanted NPC's just long enough to finish their quests and then drop them or kill them off?

One thing that occured to me is I could add several evil NPC's from Athkatla, do their quests, sacrifice them as fodder in the brawl at the Den of the Seven Vales, and then return and pick up the good/neutral NPC's I dropped from the party.


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