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Sarevok SCS Help - Can't Beat The Mages

unkinheadunkinhead Member Posts: 107
I am stuck at sarevok with SCS installed, I rip through Tazok and the other fighter (can't think of his name Dia---) Very quickly... But when the mages come in with Minor Globe and seemingly infinite stoneskin + mirror image, i can never touch them...It takes awhile, but i eventually just die...Either sarevok finally catches up to my avenger (that i am kite-ing with the whole time) kills him, then kills the rest of my party, or the mages deal with most of my party....

Anyone have any advice? I have the full plethora of potions, 2 Protection from Magic scrolls, a Blackguard lvl6, a Dwarven Defender (CHARNAME) lvl7, a Cleric/Mage lvl 5/6, an avenger lvl8, a Shadowdancer lvl8 (who is utterly useless during this battle), and a Beserker lvl7

Kinda wish in the beggining of the playthrough i didn't think "I wanna do an evil playthrough this time" Because i wanted to do a Inquistor instead of a Blackguard, and i have no doubt if i had an inquistor (which i originally planned) casting a couple of true sights, it would be much easier...But...i didn't :D

So...Again, any tips? My current strategy has been to use my avenger in spiderform to kite sarevok, while my 3 fighters beat up people with tremendous buffs (they are pretty much immune to magic), I also have my mage constantly use Wand of Fire to hurt the mages, and my Necklace of Missiles on Charname to hurt them as well...But it just doesn't do enough damage. It almost worked one time, everyone was dead but charname, and the mages were hurt, but they took some invisibility potions and i had no way of dispelling it, so they just sat in invisibility and didn't do anything, then sarevok just beat me up. Anyways

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

EDIT: I took off the smarter mages component and beat it easily, still, i would like to go back and beat it with it on, so still would like some tips.

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  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,306
    Try going with detect invisibility and spell thrust (will tear down globes of invulnerability) memorized on your mage. Detect illusion works vs mirror image if you're having problems with that, but you'll have to select your 3rd level spells carefully. Also equip your fighters with weapons with an elemental damage component (such as Varscona) that will deal damage through stoneskin and harass the mages that way.

    If all else fails, you can kind of cheese them with arrows of dispelling.

  • velehalvelehal Member Posts: 219
    If you have more than on mage (arcane spellcaster) easy solution is: remove their invisibility and then Greater Malinson + Feeblemind or Wand of Paralyzation.

  • unkinheadunkinhead Member Posts: 107
    velehal said:

    If you have more than on mage (arcane spellcaster) easy solution is: remove their invisibility and then Greater Malinson + Feeblemind or Wand of Paralyzation.

    Unfortunately i only have one mage. otherwise i could see that being possible...I suppose i could just remove invisibility and then wand of paralyzation and get lucky...but idk...I'l try again later today, it is a very frustrating battle, and i really don't want to resort to cheesing it.

  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    Arrows of dispelling. Tag Sarevok with one to remove his haste and make him easier to kite. The arrows will take down the mages quickly too. You can also use elemental damage missiles or poison. I don't think any of the mages cast pfmw so they should go down easily to concentrated fire. And are you splitting them up to fight one at a time? I find that helps a lot.

  • PawnSlayerPawnSlayer Member Posts: 295
    Arrows of Biting are useful against protected mages, I find, as the poison will stop them casting for about 20 seconds and sap their meagre HP. That's after an arrow of dispelling has hit them of course.

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