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Neera or Baeloth?

So, I'm failry new to BGEE and I've been playing a Archer on and off for the past month or so because that is what I usually play through BG2 with. Since I decided to play through BG2EE with a Swashbuckler I decided to replay BGEE with one as well and I need to decide on a party. My usual party consists of PC-Archer, Minsc, Dynaheir, Imoen, Viconia and Coran.
Since my PC will be a thief (and I have coran to help me out) I no longer need Imoen (screw you sis, daddy Bhaal likes me the most!) and I've never really liked her in the first place. So who do I replace her with? Neera for some romance and a sidequest? Or Baeloth for som amusing destruction of my enemies? Not sure if I'm gonna use Neera in my BG2EE playthrough so storyline continuity doesn't matter. I'm look for likeability and a high level of fun for this playthrough.


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