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Can't believe I just noticed this cool BG2EE feature

Hi, I have only just now noticed that the interface pause button, that gives you the time of day if you hover the mouse over it, now has a sunup-sundown icon on it.

As the day wears on, you see a little sun icon that rises and then sets in the far bottom left on the icon. As the night wears on, there's a little moon icon that rises and sets.

So, the player can now see at a glance where he/she is in the day-night cycle.

It's gotten to where I really miss things like this and the red-diamond loot pickup feature whenever I play BG1EE.

Are there any plans to backport the BG2EE interface features into BGEE in a future patch? I would really like to have the day-night cycle and loot pickup features added into BG1EE.



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