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Serious glitch after Spellhold! Please help.

LoctaviusLoctavius Member Posts: 16
edited January 2014 in Not An Issue
I am playing BG2:EE with the DungeonbeGone and Sword Coast Strategems mod. After I mop up Irenicus and retrieve my equipment, a bunch of *REALLY* bizarre stuff is happening, and I can not progress the game at all:

1) My bag of holding has a bunch of normal, as in non-magical, items in it that I did not put there and can not get rid of. Things like slings, short swords, leather armor, etc. If I take it out, then go back into the bag, it is still there.
2) Somehow it duplicated my potion cases. So now instead of two I have four. Case #3 has the same potions and quantity of potions as case #1, and Case #4 has the same potions and quantity of potions as case #2. I left the duplicates laying on the floor when I left Spellhold.
3) When I get into town, I find Saemon, agree to get the horn, and then go do that. However, Saemon never leaves the Vulgar Monkey. He starts to walk that direction, but never makes it out of the building. So I go get the horn and go to the docks, and he is nowhere to be found. (Yes, it is night time.) He just isn't there. If I go back to the tavern, he is in there.

I can talk to him, and the dialogue starts where the Pirate Lord shows up and Saemon says he will be below decks. However, the Pirate Lord never really shows up - just his voice. But that is it. Nothing else happens. I am stuck in the tavern with Saemon who won't talk to me at that point other than to tell me to go get the horn, no Pirate Lord or girlfriend, and no way to steal the ship to progress the story line. I suppose I could just take the portal, but I don't want to skip that area after the ship sinks.

I have NEVER had a bug this serious before in more than a dozen playthroughs of the BGII, and I haven't heard of such a weird bug in BGII:EE. Anyone have an idea?

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  • LoctaviusLoctavius Member Posts: 16
    EDIT: After some searching I found a console command that seems to fix the issue with Saemon, but I still find it bizarre about the items duplicating and the other items in my bag of holding that I can't get rid of. I am now in the next area after the stealing the ship.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    @Loctavius: I hate to go to the BG2:EE Equivalent of windows technical support's "Reboot your computer", but I've GOT to assume this is an issue with the mods installed.

    Did you try to reproduce this? i.e. go back to a save before all them items appeared in your inventory and do it again? If so, and it was reproducible, did you try it without the mods installed?

    I'm glad you've got this fixed and are continuing. I'm moving this to "Not an Issue" as we can only provide advice/suggestions on a modded game...we can't take any bug reports as we can't verify what is and is not mod induced.

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