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Having the gnolls down Drizzt

So first off, I am not proud or think myself of a skilled BG player. I just wanted to share my achievement so it may help others to do the same.

Like many I was tempted to get the weapons and armor from Drizzt and tried fighting him, with the result of very very fast party wipes.

So what now, let's kite the bastard I thought! I had my party at distance and let imoen get close and do the talking. I made her offer Drizzt her help, and short after I started shooting arrows at Drizzt at which point he turns hostile (you want him to kill as less Gnolls as possible). I then drank an Oil potion for speed (white bottle, don't remember the exact name) to make the tactic easier.

At this time you want to start running around the group of Gnolls and using them as a wall to keep Drizzt at bay. I managed to end up at the trees close to the water and made Drizzt get stuck in the trees (at the orange tree). It is important to position imoen vertical to Drizzt so his effort is pointed down and not sideways. He was absolutely stuck and I just had to wait for the Gnolls to do the job.

After he dies the Gnolls just stand there, they won't even attack. I killed them all and looted all and Drizzt. Very nice gear (warning, one of the weapons requires you to be good and won't equip if your neutral of evil). I did NOT lose reputation as the Gnolls killed him and I did 0 damage. Downside is I got 0 experience for killing him and it feels like cheating.

Not here to open a discussion on if you like this way to achieve the gear, just wanted to share this option!

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