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[DUPE #7141] - Edwin Nether Scroll Bug (repeatable)

RiemenschneiderRiemenschneider Member Posts: 4
edited February 2014 in Not An Issue
When you do the Nether Scroll Quest for Edwin, and travel to either the Hidden Refuge or the Wild Forest just in time so he tries to activate his "Edwina" spell, he gets a Wild Surge on that spell and it does not trigger properly.

The game goes a bit crazy after that, Edwin will try to initiate dialogue repeatedly and you can't leave the area any more ("you must gather your party before venturing forth").

I will try to attach a save game to this post, just load it and travel to Hidden Refuge/Wild Forest.

I am playing the Steam (PC) version of the game.

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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,136
    I think you shouldn't take Neera and Edwin, they'll end up fighting I think, Red Wizard and a Wild Mage in the same party? :P anyway this shouldn't happen, or maybe yes? I don't know if you should use the nether scroll there, maybe moving to a different place before doing so, just to avoid it?
    I'll take a look at the save game to see what I can do (or what I should do?).

  • RiemenschneiderRiemenschneider Member Posts: 4
    You don't have to have Neera in your party to have these areas available on your world map ;) and you can't control when exactly Edwin tries to use his "Edwina" spell, it happens a few days ingame time after the previous step of this quest.

    I just travelled between Athkatla and those areas because the travel time is 24hrs, good to advance ingame time quickly.

    A short walkthrough of the Edwin quest can be found here
    , what I am referring to is step 7. in this guide.

    I attached the savegame only for convenience if you want to reproduce the bug, I thought maybe you want to fix it in a future patch for BG2EE.

    As you said, just moving to a different place was a simple and effective workaround.

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