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Bodhi's Dungeon - First Level

rgalexrgalex Member Posts: 19
edited February 2014 in Not An Issue
I was playing on the first level of the Bodhi's Dungeon, just after leaving the Asylum. I explored the entire deungeon and read some guides on the Internet and, what is supose to happen is that I need to find the hand of one vampire (wich I got it) and three gems that act as keys (With I got 2). A golem give me one, and a goblins give me another.

What happen to me is that after completing the puzzle from the statues, In the chest appear an Ioun Stone and a Star Sapphire, that has a different description from the other two gems and are stackable(Clearly, it's not the third Gem Key).

Then I go to the portal, I use it, a werewolf appear: I kill him, and a gem dissappear. I use the portal another time, a Demon appear: I kill him, another gem dissappear. I use the portal by third time: Nothing happen and the Star Sapphire does'nt dissapear and I'm unable to use the portal anymore.

If I use CLUAConsole:CreateItem("MISC8Y") and make appear the Sapphire with the same description as the other gems, the portal do exactly the same thing that happen before at the third time I use it.

I don't know how to solve this, and for that, my save is broken. At least, I have some savegames just before enter the Asylum and the Bodhi's Dungeon.

A savegame file are attached, just before using the portal by the third time.


  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,136
    Make sure that you have the Opal Stone, a Ruby Stone and a Saphire Stone to click on te portal, the Opal and Ruby will spawn enemies (a werewolf and an abyssal) while the Saphire Stone will spawn a Genie that will give you the Doomplate+3. You can also find a Star Saphire in this level and that might be confusing.
    The Star Saphire is in the Jar in the Corridor, near the goblin's room.
    I'll take a look to the save.

  • rgalexrgalex Member Posts: 19
    I was replaying the part from the asylum and getting in to the Bodhi's Dungeon, I have the Sapphire now, and I'm testing if it's gonna work. I found too the Star Sapphire in this jar, but I was sure that in the bugged game the puzzle give me the Star Sapphire, I remember thinking about "That gem isn't like the other two..." whe I was completing the puzzle.

    Well, I'll repost if I can go further.

  • rgalexrgalex Member Posts: 19
    edited February 2014
    Now it works, but I think that wasn't a bug. I think that it's possible to use the gems in whatever order, and then, I don't remember, but I should used the Sapphire yesterday, because I have the armor in the bag that has Minsc.

    What I think, is that I used the gem first, I forgot using it because that was yesterday, and today, with the Star Sapphire I was confused. And for more, I didn't find the crystal from the Kobolds, until now that I was replaying it, and didn't knew about her existence.

    It's not a bug, just my mind has bugs xD

    That thread is useless now. Thanks for the fast response

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,136
    don't worry it's OK your welcome! :)
    @illydth or @Troodon80 another not an issue thread.

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