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equipment change between shadows of amn and bg2 on imported character

shadowfaxshadowfax Member Posts: 11
edited February 2014 in Not An Issue
so my CHARNAME is a ranger(archer) kit, i had the bag of holding and bag of gems on her, she was wearing a bunch of high end stuff (the mana bow i had strongarm +2 etc) great, awesome, i beat SoA, went back reloaded just before irenicus fight, exported my char, then loaded ToB..... and half my equipment was replaced, (i no longer have strongarm or mana bow and instead a composite bow+1), also, it spawned in my inventory and on the ground duplicates of items that i already had equipped ( things i actually had like the giants belt n what not so i could actually use composite longbows) my arrows stayed the same (surprisingly) still got my haste boots, but it essentially either copies or replaces my equipment, any ideas?

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