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Yet another BG addicted guy

MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,018
edited February 2014 in New Members Welcome Area
Almost 50 posts and I haven't introduced myself yet. How impolite.

I am an old thing who discovered BG long ago. Fallout and BG helped cure a V1 addiction. (addicted despite the ever decreasing interest offered by that platform and the various pecuniary side effects on my V.90 modem and line...).

I have always loved those games but I reached the peak usage with the various mod collections (W.Weimer's noticeably) in 2002-2005.
Later on I used to play the game with a totally different playing style (with a lot of nerfing and self restrictions).

I had no cRPG gaming activity since my last BG2 session three (?) years ago.
And you guys had the wonderful idea to renew that game.
I bought both games in November last year, behaving like a kid at christmas time.

While my eyes were still filled with wonder by those %*µ@! good interface and engine my evil party reached the BG chapter 5. This first run kept me as captivated as my very first BG experiences.
Everything was so nice but I must confess that during this first playthrough I found Dorn and Baeloth too powerful - at least for the last third of the game.

With BG2EE I wanted to refresh my knowledge of the game internals (with tactics/stratagems mods though) and I created a fully custom party made up of totally different profiles. Thus incidentally postponing the pleasure to discover the new contents that I intentionally ignore for now.
For a first replay I am doing it wrong but once I am back to a vanilla EE setup I will try to provide a decent feedback.

Thank you Beamdog/Overhaul, this is outstanding.

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