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Unkillable wolfwere: Still a problem

SivarSivar Member Posts: 53
The unkillable wolfwere bug still exists.

These discussions report the bug but deteriorate into "It is a challenging battle because _____". That may be true, but a regeneration bug unquestionably exists.
It appears to be the same as the old BG2 wolfwere regeneration bug experienced a decade ago in Firekraag's keep.

I've a party which is as well equipped and experienced as is possible in BGEE and I have killed the greater wolfwere's minions and got him to chase me to another floor. I've even been able to move outside of the ship and rest, use the best potions, etc.

My entire party is unable to get the Greater Wolfwere past "Barely injured" even using Balduran's weapons, which are the only ones that affect the wolfwere. ALL other weapons, including the most powerful 2H swords, yield "Weapon ineffective." When damage is done with spells and Balduran's weapons, it is regenerated within seconds.

As as been mentioned before, reloading BGEE appears to work around this bug, so sending a savegame is useless. The problem is said to be related to reloading repeatedly in an area with such a creature, but the way BGEE works, each floor of the ship is completely unrelated to the main map or any other floor of the ship.

I'm a software engineer myself and know a bug when I see one. I just wish I could help to reproduce it.


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