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BG2EE, almost done with chapter two.

I am playing BG2EE. I need my MP party (inquisitor, archer and sun soul monk) expanded. We are a LG party (accepting LG, NG and LN). We are almost done with chapter two (did pretty much all of the side quests) and are probably going to Watcher's Keep next. Until last night I was using the beamdog option to connect which seems to be very unstable (I can never have more than one person with me at a time). Last night I switched to TCP/IP and seems to work much better (knock on wood). Modifications I have going are: removal of xp cap, rogue rebalancing and aTweaks. I wish the divine mod was working for EE... I am lenient with permissions. Except I do not give traveling permissions to anybody else. I am in the USA, east coast (eastern time).


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