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The World of David the Gnome. A No-Reload BG challenge

MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
Inspired by all of you no-reloading people, especially @Blackraven‌, I will be trying to beat BG no-reload style. Character is a Chaotic Good gnome fighter/ilusionist. He is a bit selfish, self-centered (cha 8) and absent minded/detached (wis 8). He is, however extremelly brilliant (Int 19) and can see plots, schemes, etc, from a mile away. So yes, I will metagame as much as I can :-D Other than that, he is like Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible Sing along blog. He is naturally strong, nimble and resilient (all maxed out. I am trying to do a no-reload which sounds to me like something crazy. If I make it, I might consider doing a more realistic charname).

I managed to get to Fighter 4/Ilusionist 4, so it seems this one is a bit more of a keeper than my last two tries.

Question for all you gurus out there: Is there anyone in BG where spamming web will not win the encounter?

14 Mirtul 1368 21h

Well, well, I haven´t updated this in a while.There has been so many changes I haven´t even had time! First things first: Gorion is dead. Sad story but hey, it is not like we were buddies. Everyone in Candlekeep talked about him as my "foster father" but he bore me no love. Always ordering me around. Anyway, no point speaking bad of the dead. He died saving me, after all, and I am grateful for that. If the old stick was good at something, it was duty.

After that, I have just been wandering around the Sword Coast the last two weeks and it has been... Well, it has been AWESOME! Really, I feel I have learnt four times more in these two weeks than in all my years in Candlekeep. As if they were trying to keep my powers at bay, you see what I mean? Anyway, I can now cast spells from the second circle! That Thethtoril fool telling me for a couple of years now that I wasn´t ready and BAM a couple of weeks without their teachings and there I am becoming invisible. Same with my martial skills. Years training with Jondalar. For what? In two weeks I am more accurate with the bow than ever before. Honestly, it seems my life in Candlekeep was a colossal waste of time.

Anyway, just after Gorion´s murder and meeting with Imoen, I realised I could not go to the Friendly Arm Inn. It seemed our movements where tracked and if Gorion had friends there it was likely they would try to ambush me there again. Therefore, I instructed Imoen to go North and check-in at the Inn to study who was coming and going there. Then, we would meet in Beregost after two weeks. In the meantime, I have been keeping a low profile in Beregost, using the fake surname "Underhill" and helping with a couple of small issues they had: Spiders and other beasts such as ogres, but nothing major.

I also took care of a basilisk infestation they had to the East of their temple, close enough to become a problem if one of them wandered in the direction of town. Dumb beasts, those are. They keep looking at you even if it obvious you are not turning to stone. There was supposed to be some crazy gnome named Metadone or
Mutantine or something like that. Never met the guy. Then, went to meet that good old Thalantyr in High Hedge,
some kind of a hermite but the closest person selling magical supplies from Beregost. How can there not be someone selling supplies in Beregost? Maybe after I find out who wants me dead and I deal with them, I can open a shop. People around here like me. Or at least they don´t yell at me anymore if I enter their houses. I still get confused around this town, you know. Never was the best one at telling directions.

Today, it has been quite relaxed, finally. Only saved some elven chick called Nevera or something like that. She wanted to join me but I told her "For me to travel with an elf it would have to have wings!". It was supposed to be a funny remark but she took offense and left. Women have never been my best quality. Or anywhere near it, for that matter, hehe. Why am I only funny to myself? Morons. In any case, right now I am waiting for Imoen in the Burning Wizard. Let´s see what news she brings. If she comes. She was always a sneaky one, so I am sure she is ok.

I hope so.
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  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    I like your interpretation of your gnome, especially when your character mispel NPC's names... "Ajerkis" got me off the chair! XD
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    one word: HILARIOUS!
    Whatever his name is, isn't taking the advanturing profession too seriously it seems hehe. I hope he won't have to pay for that anytime soon, so that I can onjoy more of his stories.

    And to answer your question: yes, Web is your friend.
    BTW what weapons do you use?
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited March 2014
    @Blackraven‌ Two handed swords and composite longbows. There is something appealing in a 1 meter tall guy slashing a two meter long blade around :-D talk about overcompensating... I can still put my 6th level proficiency somewhere. Any advice?

    Name is David the Gnome. When he gets killed, I will try again with David II. It is kind of like that old Paranoia RPG.
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    Yes, you're right David, it's in the heading...
    As to your proficiencies: I guess you've got 2* in long bow, 2* in 2h sword, and 1* in 2h weapon style. Maybe quarterstaff could be your next weapon? There are a couple of really good ones in both BG1 and 2. Plus you'll have a blunt weapon (as opposed to you slashing and piercing weapons).
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    Well, I would eventually need quarterstaff for staff of the magi, so sounds good.
  • AristilliusAristillius Member Posts: 873
    Wow, David is a total douche :) Like your storytelling though ^^
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Moved in the right area. :)
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @Aristillius‌ he is generally a good guy, I'd think. Arrogant as he has high Int and low Wis/Cha but not a bad person per se. Of course after getting lost in the road to nashkel and spending a week under the rain in the wilderness (after a life safe in candlekeep) and being attacked by all the bandits in the maps (cleaned them for XP) he is not in his best mood. And anyway, charisma is 8 so he shouldnt be too likeable :-)
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @Metalloman‌, I followed @Blackraven‌ lead and posted it in the general one. Also would like to keep it there if possible :-)
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    edited March 2014
    Good job here. Had a good laugh again, but apparently below the surface your David kicks some serious b*tt, for goodness!. Did he really take on Drizzt?
    Careful with the mad cleric will you? Good luck!
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @blackraven take on dritzz? Hell no :-D he did just walk around in circles while i killed the gnolls as if under confusion.

    Which mad cleric are you talking about? Killed bassilus already. Didnt need a web, he just casts hold person (and i have the one ring) and is easily hit with arrows. Are there other mad clerics I should worry about?
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Yeah, no problem for me! ;D
    ...Even if I don't know what @Lemernis‌ thinks about, since seems he is the one who takes care of the Challenge & Playthrough Area. Is that area only for archiving?
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @metalloman No idea :-? I also post questions related to the build and all but I can do it in two separated threads if that's how it should be
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Oh, that was a question for Lemernis, if the summoning shall work! ;p
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    edited March 2014
    @MacHurto, sorry I misread. No worries, I was indeed referring to Bassilus, but with the one ring that one isn't so hard to beat, as you've already noticed. :)
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Ok, let's see what will come up! ;D
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    23 Myrtul 1368 22h

    Finally in Nashkell! Not very happy though. Arrived in early afternoon and went directly to ask about their mining problems. Apparently some fancy elf with a super cool sword (that´s how the mayor described it) came yesterday, said he would solve it and rode to the mines. If only I hadn't got lost in the damn wilderness...

    No point in dwelling on what could have been, though, so spent the rest of the afternoon drinking with the famous Volothamp Geddarm. He had some interesting things to say about the old captain of the guard. He apparently had become a loonie after getting a new sword. Killed his family and escaped. Nasty business.There is a bounty to be collected. I should probably check on that now that the mines are somebody else´s problem.

    24 Myrtul 1368 12h

    Lots of interesting characters in this town. Met some madman with a head tatoo. He wanted my help to find his friend, some kind of "witch" that had been captured by some gnolls. The man was clearly clinically insane. I mean, he talked all the time to some kind of rat. Sure, I talk to Swift all the time, but he is my familiar. This guy is clearly schizofrenic. I just agreed to everything he said as I didnt want to attract attention let alone having some 2 meter tall crazy guy attack me. When he calmed down, I brought him to the temple of Helm. The priest looked like a good chap and will care for him. Good action of the day! Will check the Carnival after lunch. They say it is the best after the one at Baldur's Gate.

    24 Myrtul 1368 18h

    Another day, another bounty hunter, huh? Right here, at the Inn. A cleric. What is it with all these bounty-hunters and inns, anyway? Cannot they wait until I have had supper? Price for my head is 680 gp now. In a couple of weeks it might be high enough to be worth getting a project image scroll and turn my image in for the money. Who the hell wants to kill me? And why? I will have to leave Nashkell at night so people don´t see where I am headed and disappear a little bit from the radar. Will head west. There is an abandoned fortress near the coast that is infested with gnolls, or so the people at the tavern say. Who knows, maybe that "witch" is there and I get a reward. Or at least the rat for Swift to eat.

    Oh, note to self: The Nashkell Carnival is really not worth it. They keep claiming it is because of the Iron crisis an all, but honestly we made better summer fares in Candlekeep. Did actually save some petrified priest of Tempus being shown as an attraction. She has now a life debt with me, she says. Brownie or something like that, she is called. Nice girl and honestly, nobody deserves that fate. Told her to stay in the inn (I told the innkeeper to put her expenses on my tab) and keep an eye out for newcomers. If anybody asks for a gnome, she should tell them I have gone South. When I come back and she is recovered, she can go her own way with her debt repaid.


    I am almost Fighter 6/Ilusionist 6 by now. Given I only have one more level to increase, I am thinking of going into the mines with a cleric support. Brawnen is Lv5, so it looks like a good candidate. I might pick Safana later and continue the playthrough with 3 characters. Any thoughts?
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    edited March 2014
    With Branwen and Safana you'll have all your needs covered (fighting, magic, healing/support, and thieving). As you might know you'll have another (possibly better) option for Safana once you enter Cloakwood 1 and for Branwen once you descend the Cloakwood Mines. But maybe these won't suit David, who might be a 'ladies gnome' for all I know.
    Congrats on your good deeds btw :D
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited March 2014
    25 Myrtul 1368 17h Xvarts

    Ok, Xvarts must be the most sorrowful species in the whole of Faerun. Kobolds are lame. Goblins are weak. But Xvarts? Damn, if I could have only one wish, it would be not to be reincarnated into a Xvart. Note to self: Never pair up with a druid. Once you are dead you cannot tell them not to do it.

    Anyway, the realisation on these little blue pests has come after I stumbled this morning into one of their villages, lacking a better word to describe that slum. Of course, as Swift has pointed out the whole day, you might think: David, what were you thinking when you left Nashkel in the middle of the night? You get lost even when the sun is up. I can only agree.

    Anyway, I stumbled on their village just at sunrise and they all swarmed to kill me. And I believed I woke up in a bad mood. Geesh. Killed a bunch of them until their leader came out and said something like "I am Netflix, leader of this pitiful bunch of blue weaklings. Ursa, I summon you!" Throwing some colored ball to the floor. And right at that moment, behind me, I heard this powerful growl. I literally shitted my pants a little. Turns out, this Ursa thing was a huge cave bear. And it was pissed. Not pissed at me, as I could have expected. Pissed at Netflix for summoning her (1). And I thought Xvarts woke up in a bad mood. The bear just got up to the blue idiot and tore him to pieces. It was so concentrated in dismembering him that I could sneak behind it and land a killing blow. Could not save Netflix, though. Left the rest of the village alone and continued west. I guess sooner or later I will find the coast and can backtrack to the old fortress.

    26 Myrtul 1368 22h

    Long day. Got to meet Captain Brague, the madman of Nashkell. He wasn´t alone but with some chick, probably family. Thing is, I am not sure who was crazier. As soon as they saw me she started casting spells against me (2) and Brague attacked her. Had to put both of them down. Have packed the sword carefully after what Volo said, but it seems to me this is some kind of family misfunction. She was also clearly insane, attacking for no reason like that. On a side note, I hope they don't have more family. I can totally see a Kill Bill kind of revenge vendetta against me, if they are all that crazy. Cut his head to show back in Nashkell. A conservation cantrip every few hours should keep it in a decent state and non smelly until I head (no pun intended) back in a couple of days.

    28 Myrtul 1368 22h

    Shit, shit, shit. I almost died today (3). Scary stuff. And it wasn´t one of those bandits/bountyhunters that go all "Hey, I am GuyThatWillNotLiveLongEnoughForYouToRememberMyName and you will die today!". No, it was just some random ogre bandits that ambushed me on a bridge. I used my usual web trick when I saw they were too close to kill with the bow. To no avail. I swear that bridge had more spiderwebs than Shelob´s lair and those stupid ogres just went through it by sheer brute force. One managed to score a hit on me with his club and sent me flying to the bushes. They also ignored my wand of fear, must have been enraged or something like that. Finally managed to kill them with the wand of lightning. Quite a cool artifact, actually. Should use it more often. Not indoors, though.

    1st Kythorn 19h (4)

    Finally found the old fortress. it has been run over by vermin, aka, xvarts (they had a book about influence and leadership. Not sure what the hell are those guys doing with it. Should have given it to poor late Netflix). There was a small band of gnolls in the upper floors, though. They fell easily to my sleep spells. Turns out the rat lover story checks out! They had indeed a prisoner. An invoker called... Shit what is her name? Now it is ackward to ask her again. Anyway, I agreed to get her back to civilisation and she seemed relieved when I told her the crazy guy was being taken care by the clergy. Apparently he is her guardian or something like that but without her to soothe him, he becomes unstable. Ok, seems dinner is ready. This girl is really good roasting stuff, it seems. Gotta go

    4th Kythorn 12h

    Back in Nashkell! I have to admit I have not updated this the past days due to Dynaheir. She had some cool stories to tell around a bonfire and an interesting outlook on magic. It was nice to enjoy some company for a change. Maybe I should bring some companions along? It gets a bit boring being alone all the time. Nothing of interest on the way back, just the typical hero stuff: Save a dryad from some bullies, kill more bandits claiming to be Amnish, the usual. Happy to be back to civilisation and a real bed, though. Will take a nap and then check on Browny in case she has seen something odd.

    4th Kythorn 22h

    Damn, Imoen was looking for me. Brawnen (that´s her actual name) told her I went South. I hope she will realise soon enough and backtrack. Anyway, for the good news! Got a reward for Brague (of course) and apparently the elf has not made it out alive from the mines. Ok, that is not good news in itself, but the job is up for the taking again. Told the mayor I would leave first thing in the morning.

    Brawnen is fully recovered and she insists in coming to the mines with me. She says it is dangerous. Wow, mum, spoiler alert. Anyway, she is a good person and seems competent enough. Besides, it is not like I can avoid her following me if she so wished. And between you and me, I am a bit worried about this mine business. My sword is not nearly as cool as the elf's, from what I have gathered.

    1) Ursa just ignored me and went to kill Nexlit. Is this normal behaviour?
    2) Note to self: I have to be more careful and use the greenstone amulet. Laryssa managed to rigid think me. I was lucky Brague wanted to kill her and not me. I also need to keep a slot for resist fear. You only get lucky so many times, I guess.
    3) Damn, those ogre berserkers almost did me. Had to escape to another map.
    4) Mirtul is supposed to have 30 days, but the game only counts 28. I am on my 33rd day of playthrough and it is the 4th of Kythrin.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @blackraven Have never tried Coran or Safana. Will likely try both this playthrough, if I survive long enough. Safana has a charm ability, I read, but Coran is great with bows, which might make him more useful.

    About priests... Vicky, Brawnen, Yeslick, Quayle... Dunno. Guess I will rotate the non evil ones as my reputation is 19, right now.
  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,155
    MacHurto said:

    1) Ursa just ignored me and went to kill Nexlit. Is this normal behaviour?

    Yes, it happens in just EE because in vanilla it was broken IIRC, but in the EE it got fixed.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited March 2014
    Unfortunately no time for a diary (RL issues) but just to give an update:

    1) The Nashkell Mines were a joke. Went in with Brawnen and cleared it in 15 minutes. Remember it as being difficult with commandos spawning at every step and spawning again when going back out. Maybe that was Firewine ruins?
    2) Cleared a couple of maps (AR5000, AR5500, AR3100) without problems
    3) Went and picked Safana but turns out she is only level 4 so I have just re-picked Imoen (lv 3).
    4) The flesh golems in the cave with the CON tome hit hard! There were 3. They ended up killing Brawnen and had to run from the last one. THeir MR helps against web, I assumed, so didn´t use it. IS it true?

    Think I will leave Brawnen at the Beregost temple after resurrecting her as she has been mainly useless. Not sure about Imoen as I need someone for traps. Maybe I can rush until I meet Coran and then do Firewine and any place with traps. What level does Coran have when you meet him? I reckon I would be fighter 7/Ilusionist 7 when I meet him if I solo until there.

  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    The golems indeed hit very hard. On a lucky critical they can make 30 damage and their THACO is very low.

    I usually avoid fighting them which is not that hard because they are slow.
  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    Coran will likely be 5/5 when you meet him. He will have high open locks, but, sadly, low find traps. He is a perfect candidate for the long bow you find at the bandit camp and a very good companion.

    I believe you are indeed thinking of Firewine. I can't remember the last time I went there. They had out of control spawn rates at first, but I believe they fixed that in one of the patches.

    I like Branwen a lot, but maybe Yeslick is more your style. He is a great candidate for the brawling hands. A spry gnome like yourself may benefit from the company of a stout dwarf.

    Very enjoyable reading...stay alive!!
  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    MacHurto said:

    There is something appealing in a 1 meter tall guy slashing a two meter long blade around :-D

    I thought I was the only one who found this incredibly amusing!
  • luskanluskan Member Posts: 269
    For the flesh golems, I usually send an npc in with the girdle of bluntness &/or potion of absorption, and the Stupifier. The potion means only critical hits do damage and the stun from the Stupifier bypasses their magic resistance.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @JLee‌ thanks!

    Will update when I am free but for now:
    - almost died at the bandit camp. Had to go invisible and had 2PG left. Kept missing while those 4 guys were trapped in web. Is that even possible?

    - almost got killed by wiverns. 2 big and 4 small ones with that nasty poison is tough. Managed to use fear, blindness, etc and won but it was also very close. Are they inmune to Web?
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