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Aion: The tower of eternity VS Age of Conan! Which one do you prefer? And why?

Demonoid_LimewireDemonoid_Limewire Member Posts: 424
edited March 2014 in Off-Topic
Hmmm. It is the truth that i hate MMOs. Yet, back in the day, i used to play a little, and casually. So, i have still somewhere my Aion and Conan, Collector's Edition copies, and i am itching to indulge in one, until my favorite game is released (the witcher 3 and GTA V for PC). Seeing no other alternative or better game anyway, and since i have already played thoroughly over Baldur's Gate sage as a whole. Anyone familiar with either one of them, or both, please vote and state why you prefer one over the other.

Aion has got major updates, is more free than your average "free" MMO (especially existing accounts from the old days), gives out all content for free, got a major lifting, and three new classes to top it all off! On the other hand, it is Korean, grinding, hardcore PVP, zerging, imbalanced on server side/race percentage owning and population, and a little bit pay to win (not much, though, especially in comparison to other free models).

Conan has good graphics, brutal combat, dark world, is pretty much enjoyable, but is more of a freemium model. You have to purchase all extra content like expansions and new areas, most features are locked even for old/existing customers, has many restrictions, and is also pay to win (though i don't know how much, and i would be happy to be informed regarding).

I liked them both (back then), purchased them Collector's, and still own them. Which one would YOU suggest to play, if it were YOU?

P.S. I most probably won't spend a single coin on transactions. So consider the cheapest and most enjoyable choice at the same time...

Aion: The tower of eternity VS Age of Conan! Which one do you prefer? And why? 0 votes

Aion: The tower of eternity
Age of Conan


  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,876
    None of those, really. Aion never caught my interest and Age of Conan wasn't "dark" enough for my taste.
    The only MMO I might play is The Elder Scrolls Online, mainly because I enjoyed the previous TES single player RPG's so far. But I'd wait until its price tag drops significantly before purchasing ESO.

    As for "free" MMO's, well, there's always D&D Online and the multiplayer in NwN/NwN2.

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