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"Tinker" Kit ... need help balancing ...

CorsymyrCorsymyr Member Posts: 146
It's been awhile since I have played the BG series, or done any modding, but I am thinking about doing a new kit and playing the new kit all the way through the series. The thought came to me with the Prestige Class of Mechanic. All the rogue kits currently in game remove ability points for better abilities in fighting et cetera. I was thinking a rogue that was full of skills like the Mechanic, and their ability to use Crossbows at a bonus. Anyway I started thinking a Tinker Gnome would fit the bill. Here is what I have come up with so far, but I feel it is over powered and needs to be balanced better. Perhaps more possibilities of failure or something.

Any advice would be appreciated.

////////////////////////////////////Gnome Tinker/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This unique class in some ways seems to be intended as comic relief. In a world of magic, these characters are trying to make science work; but although at first glance such a thought seems fascinating and interesting, it is further required of the tinkers that they do everything in the most difficult, awkward, and convoluted way possible. As a result, the tinker character comes across as a disaster trying to happen.

Each tinker has a "lifequest", a goal to attain a perfect understanding of one device; in this case the Crossbow. Since this goal is rarely attained, tinkers are always striving for a better grasp of their device.

Suffice it that they are generally basic mechanical systems, using gears, pulleys, and screw drives. The most advanced systems may dabble in steam power, chemical combustion, and clockwork mechanisms--and these are poorly understood new concepts which may lead to disasters. Also, they can never create anything simple, but must always expand and improve and modify into an incredible level of complexity. Nothing is ever small, efficient, or practical--and the rules are in place to prevent the player character from skirting these limits.


May craft a unique new aspect to his crossbow every 5 levels, the quality of the weapon is increased as the Tinker progresses in his studies. The crossbow will fire with infinite unique ammo, as long as the Tinker’s ammo slots are empty. The Tinkerer may fire their crossbow at an increasing rate of fire as they progress in their craft. Starting at level 1 with 1 projectiles per round, and increasing to 2 at 5, 3 at level 10 and to a max of 4 at level 15.

May use “Illusionary Curtain” (Sanctuary) 3 times per day.

Gains 35 ability points per level

May reach Mastery in Crossbows (***)


May not wear armor greater than Leather

May not backstab

May not use melee weapons

Only gains benefits on his special Crossbow (all other crossbows works as normal)

Required race Gnome

1% chance of misfire (Tinker takes damage) to include “special abilities”



Level 1 – The Pea-Shooter +1 – As a means to fire more ammo the Tinker crafts a bag to the Crossbow that loads small pellets instead of bolts into the firing chamber. These pellets are coated with oil of burning, which fills the bag, and thus create a small amount of fire damage to the target.

+1 Thac0
+1 Dmg (crushing)
1d4 +1 Fire ammo
1 pellets per round

Additional: “Flamethrower” Once per day the Tinker is able to squeeze the bag of pellets filled with the oil of burning, which creates a straight line of fire from the Crossbow to the target via a tube beneath the firing chamber.
20-60 ft. jet of flames causing 3d6 points of fire damage to the target and anyone “friend or foe” that crosses the jet. There is no saving throw, but fire resistance will reduce/eliminate damage.
Level 5 – The Hole Puncher +1 – Moving forward with the progression the Tinkerer adds a bandolier to the Crossbow that allows the weapon to fire finely sharpened alchemical darts charged with a sparking device added to the mount of the bandolier.

+2 Thac0
+2 Dmg (Piercing)
1d6 +2 Electrical ammo
2 darts per round

Additional: “Sparking Bolt” Once per day the Tinker is able to shoot a bolt of pure electricity from the sparking device. This action releases a powerful bolt of electrical energy which will rebound when intersecting a wall. Inflicts 1d6 point of damage and harms anybody and possibly multiple times and could even kill the caster of the spell.
Level 10 – The Ice Breaker +1 – Through work with the analysis of Frost Wolfs the Tinkerer adds an ice chamber he straps to his back that allows the Crossbow chamber to fill with sharpened splinters of ice.

+3 Thac0
+3 Dmg (Piercing)
1d8 +3 Ice ammo
3 bolts per round

Additional: “Snow Cone” Once per day the Tinker is able to over-feed the Crossbow from the ice chamber and creates a spray of ice from a nozzle beneath the firing chamber. Creates a cone shaped area 20’ in front of the Tinker that emanates from the Tinkers Crossbow which is extremely cold that does 2d4+1 to all within the area.
Level 15 – Flying Fear +1 – Delving into the world of Illusion, the school of magic known best by all Gnomes, the Tinker is able to add a “Spook” effect to the ammo fired by the Crossbow.

+4 Thac0
+4 Dmg (Piercing)
1d8 5% chance to “Spook” the target (save -2 negates)
4 bolts per round

Additional: “Fear the Gnome” Once per day the Tinker can imbue the magical essences from his “Spook” ammo unto himself creating an aura. The Tinker will radiate a personal aura of fear in a 3-foot radius. All affected creatures must make save vs. spells (at -2) or will run away in panic, possibly dropping items. Party members are immune.
Level 20 – The Ultimate Repeater +1 – Reaching the epitome of his craft the Tinkerer can increase the size of all his rounds and the speed at which they fire, as well as being able to fire all types of rounds at once, This reworking and refinement of the Crossbow is now complete and has the ability to send rounds down range that would shame the greatest elf bowman.

+5 Thac0
+5 Dmg (Piercing)
1d6 piercing & 1d4 blunt, +1 Fire, +2 Electrical, +3 Ice, 5% chance to “Spook” the target (save -4 negates)
4 projectiles per round

Thanks in advance,



  • IllustairIllustair Member Posts: 862
    Nice to see you back. Very interesting kit as usual.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Yep, very interesting kit. :)
    Very dependent on the crossbow though. Maybe it would be cool if the crossbow attacks could have some anti-magic effect (e.g. dispel magic upon hit, or each hit strips one magical protection, something like that). That way he'll be a good asset to your party at higher levels, and I think his danger to mages and other powerful casters compensates for his vulnerability (leather armor, no buffs, no backstabs or melee proficiencies).
    I also really like that his bolts at first do crushing damage, maybe that's something to keep for the other levels as well? Makes the bolts more unique and slightly more effective, which is something a tinker gnome would surely realize.

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