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lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,409
edited March 2014 in General Modding
I was pretty neutral about the BG1:EE's blue GUI. But now I play BG2:EE, I really adore its original Brown GUI. It is similiar to the original game's, but sharper and more refined-looking. I love all of the screens, tree branch like engravings, little gemstones embedded in, etc. After this, returning to the boring blue stone GUI of BG:EE is a drag.

So, since two enhanced games use the same engine and are based on the same code (Or so I think) I think it should be relatively easy to find a mod to put BG2:EE's beautiful GUI for BG:EE too. That would be awesome. There may be others who think the two are seperate games and thus they should look different. BGT and/or TuTu users used the same Brown GUI of the BG2 for both games, and many believe both games are continous and are just one gigantic game, so same GUI won't bother them. I personally can't bring myself to play BG1:EE now, because I miss the BG2:EE's art quality. Since GUI is the thing we see most as we play, it has a big impact on gameplay and enjoyement.

Any thoughts?


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