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playing true the game as a fighter/mage alone

Hello, i soon gonna try out bg1, i havent played that in like 10-14 years or so and i actually never got true it then xD

So i need some help :)
Im planning on going true it as an lonely figher/mage, what stuff should i search for? And where do i find it? Will I be able to kill drizzt and where is he located?

I have gone true bg2 EE(SoA and ToB) several times so i know how the game works though xD
What good items are there?
I know about drizzt wepons, but what type are they? Sword? Scimitar? Also balduran helm and cloak i need to obtain etc :)

Can any1 make a brief explanation of some of the items in bg1? :) Any good 2handed swords? :D

Also wondering how high spells u can obtain? I saw my father had just entered baldurs gate and he was lvl 6-7 and had lvl 4 spells, do you find higher spells than lvl 4 in bg1? :)

I gonna use xp-cap remover and bag of holding + teleport via EE-keeper :)


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