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Started a new BGEE Let's play. Tell me what you think. Tips and Criticism welcome.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but hey I'll give it a shot. Started a new lets play, Now right off the

bat I realise this isn't very good. I don't have the greatest speaking voice and I was pretty nervous about it. So I

came to you guys to ask you what I can do to improve. From video quality and role-playing to pacing, you know

whatever. Just tell me how you feel about everything, don`t be afraid to say anything. If it`s shit tell me it`s shit.

Thanks guys.


  • VikingRVikingR Member Posts: 88
    Hi, I'm always interested in BG LPs, expecially ones that like to focus on roleplay.
    Some thoughts after watching the video above:
    - It would have been nice to get some background-info on Volke. Maybe even create a bio for him before rushing into the game?
    - Pacing: Sorry, way too fast. After the first few minutes I knew you know the game inside-out already. Very little time is spent on dialogue especially.
    - Roleplay: Not feeling it. We get to know very little about Volke's inner workings. How does he feel after seeing Gorion slain before him? Is he not tired and wants to rest after the flight through the woods? How is his relationship with Imoen (he spent his childhood with her?), etc. Why does he recognize Elminster immediately?

    All in all it comes down to this: Take it slow. Take the time to weave a story about the offspring of Bhaal. It seems you're just rushing through the game.

  • DJUptonDJUpton Member Posts: 20
    Ya i know i went a little fast that`s my bad. I had a back story and a big bio planned for him but i just ended up forgetting about it. i`ll address it in a future episode though. I will for sure slow down as time goes on i just really wanted to get out of candle keep and out into the world. And the elminster thing was just me talking out of character. Thanks for the comments.

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