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Rest animation

Should I be seeing an animation during rest on Android? The game seems to play just fine, no speed issues or obvious bugs on my Motorola Xoom. But during rest all I see is a black screen. The familiar camping sound is there from the old Baldur's Gate experience, but no visible camping scene?


  • cmk24cmk24 Member Posts: 605
    This is a known issue with all videos in the game. They are currently too high a resolution for some tablets to play back smoothly, they are working on a fix to lower the resolution of all videos to 480p.

  • BoobooSMBoobooSM Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. Thought it might be something like that. The intro video was a bit choppy. The game generally performs very well on this device - with no other evidence of the slowdowns or general weirdness reported by folks with tablets generally considered much more capable than my old Xoom.

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