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Is there a gender disengagement mod I can apply to blind the romancers? Turn one off the other on?

BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
Hello I checked briefly at mods but perhaps not quite well enough for the BG2/TOB. I was looking for a mod that would allow a romance adjustment that is not dependent on gender. Specifically one for the Beamdog enhanced ones. I was hoping to turn one off and the other on- no pun intended....

Further I was wondering if this is also available on the Android version, which would maybe casue me to buy it even though I wrote I never would... But, playing at work on top of the roof is on my tablet is really tempting... any ideas on that?



  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
    Nevermind I just found out there is no way to put a mod onto the android version and more to the point it is only BG1 and Tales of the Xoast anyhow.... so in the other full gmae PC case I guess I can just do like a Free Fire Zone DD and light them up with eyes on... that is the Chaotic evil thing to do at least... so be ironic in that case... anyhow if there is such a gender neuter or neutralizing mod for the pc let me know


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,951
    Well, I don't know of any way to turn a romance off, but if you put on the belt of gender change or change your gender at any time during the game then you will start to get romance dialogs from everyone.

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,344
    Not sure exactly what you are asking for, but there are individual mods that bring some romance modifications, like @LiamEsler‌'s Neera expansion mod allows Neera to be romanced by females and Rasaad by males; and BG Tweaks has a component that allows disregarding of sex, race, etc, though the latter isn't updated for the EE NPCs afaik.

    I know of no mods that disable romances though. You could either play as a race/sex that disqualifies you from some of them, or manually edit the script and dialogue files.

  • TwaniTwani Member Posts: 640
    Right now, there's no mod that affects the Beamdog BG2 NPC's. Dorn is romancable by both genders, Neera by male, Rasaad and Hexxat by females, and that's that. On a non Android device, you can set the console to start one of these romances (heck, if you want to romance Hexxat as a female, you have to trigger her romance with the console anyway on the PC version) if you really want to romance someone non avaliable by your gender, but just be aware that Neera will still refer to you as a guy during her romance even if you play a woman romancing her, for example.

    The Neera Expansion mod for BG1 allows Neera to be romanced by gals and Rasaad to be romanced by guys. It also changes the dialog so it all fits.

    No mods will probably ever exist to allow you to not have a romance trigger at all, because all you really need to do is say something rude and nasty and the character leaves you allow immediately, or just set their romance at 3 with the console.

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