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BGee ipad mods

Is it still necessary to jailbreak your ipad to install SCS if you have access to ifunbox?
Sorry I didn't post this in the modding section, didn't expect the ipad section to garner any attention.

Thanks in advance!!!


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,420
  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    Thank you for the quick response! Unfortunately, I am too dumb to install this correctly. First, I downloaded SCS (windows, since it's my PC? or should I do OS?). Once downloaded, I was expecting a zip file but it was various files...weidu.exe, strategems.bat, setup-stratagems_autoinstall.debug and also a "Stratagems" folder that features many other files? What do I put into my "override" folder? Sorry I am a pain in the ass, but thanks for the help!

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    I got it!!!! Thanks again!

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,420
    I am glad if you made it work. There was detailed steps on the first page of the thread I linked. Basicaly you need to copy yourbg game from ipad to your pc (if you don't have pc version) via ifunbox in order to be able to mod your game on the pc. Then install the mod on this pseudo bg game on pc. If you have pc version you can install the mod on that one. Once the mod is installed on pc, there will be new files on override folder:theseare the modded files. You need to copy all of these files (2000 or more files) to your Ipad's baldurs gate folder under library/portraits. You should create a portraits folder first, ofcourse. The name is misleading it works just like an override folder. You can also put custom portraits there as many as you like.

    There are a few minor things, though. Since dialog.tlk can not be modified without a jailbreak (it is in the secured area of bg folder on Ipad) any mod component that adds new dialogue or written text will be buggy. Say, scs modifies spell thrust spell to have an area effect and edits the spell description. With this method, the spell will work as intended with an area effect but when you right click on mage book the spell description will be all wonky, an unrelated text. I can live with that. Pure ai and tactical enchantments work well and this is the important part of the mod. I daresay%80 of the scs work well without a jailbreak on Ipad.

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    So I added the "fine" weapon tweak, which has resulted in all sorts of wonky text and basically just annoys me. Is there any viable way to remove it from my ipad, rerun the install on PC, then recopy the updated (non fine weapon) files back to ipad?

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    Also, any other mods you would suggest I add that work on ipad?? Thanks!!

  • MonoCanallaMonoCanalla Member Posts: 291
    Sorry, I'm gonna step in this. If I do have Mac, wineskin is a reliable way to install this mods?

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    And the questions when I go to shadowkeeper it reads everything as nonsense. Item names become what appear to be journal entries?? Any idea how to fix this?...

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,420
    edited May 2014
    Like I said, without a jailbreak there is no way to edit dialog.tlk and thus any mod that adds new text, dialogue, item or spell description or a creature with unique name won't work.

    Do not install those components that add new text like fine weapon tweak. Easiest way to uninstall the component is finding the item files and deleting them from Ipad's portraits folder. You can use shadowkeeper to find the item files and delete them from your portraits folder this will revert them back to their original vanilla state.

    Do you have bg or bg2? I think I must have specified which components won't work without a jailbreak. Basically, pure ai enchantments work well, but anything that adds a text will be wonky. So for example in bg1, improved Balduran's isle won't work since it adds quite a lot of new dialogue. Same goes for improved final battle with Sarevok:there are new dialogues and even though the scripts will work, dialogue may bug out. Fine weapon tweak is a no no since it tries to update item description as well. Spell tweaks (area effect for spell protection removal spells, tweaked breach) will work and are reccomended, their descriptions will be wonky but they will work as intended. Since some scs mages depend on this tweak to be installed in their scripts, it is reccomended to install this component, and live with the wonky spell description.

    What other mods can work? Pure portrait, or gui mods will work. There is excellent gui mod for bg1:ee that converts the gui into beautiful bg2 one. It works on Ipad if you download the tablet version and drop all components into your portraits folder.

    For bg1, battle enhancer mod works. This mod adds new monsters and spawns to most locations, toughens up the monsters a bit, gives some mages higher level spells to use against you, and has a diablo like random item drop. There is a very small chance that any creature will drop a magical item. (think about it like an unique item drop from diablo game) You can install this directly after scs (which is reccomended) just drop the files into portraits folder. Since it just edits are and creature files, it works without adding new text.

    Experience cap removers, and little tweaks also work.

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    In regards to deleting item files with shadow keeper, when I look through shadow keeper EVERYTHING is crazy. Not sure how to make sense of it and identify what "fine" item files need to be deleted. Where do you go in SK to identify file names?

    For the other mods to add, can you do the armor and weapons packs for bgee???

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,420
    If every item name is crazy, something must be off. Are all items crazy named in-game or is it just when you look up with Shadowkeeper? Normally, only items that have their descriptions changed by a mod will have wonky names and descriptions (just random text from dialogues or credits) do you have another mod installed that edits items?

    If a mod edits item descriptions or adds new ones, that mod will cause wonky text to appear in game. Thus, armor and weapon pack mod is a no-go. The items will work as intended but their descriptions will be crazy.

    Here is a page with some basic item codes. Look at the item creation cheats for the item codes. Dagger+1 is dagg02.itm file, for instance, if you delete it from your portraits folder it will revert to vanilla dagger+1 form. Scs tries to make it an excellent dagger but item description becomes crazy. Do the same for other items like sword+1s, bow+1s and this should fix'em.

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    In game they are fine, in shadow keeper they're crazy though. Thanks for the help! Also, I have an issue with the default voice set. Works fine during creation but not in game. Any fix?

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    You keep mentioning shadowkeeper - I would highly suggest migrating to EEKeeper instead.

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    Old habits die hard, I'm referring to EE Keeper

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