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Diferrences between STEAM and Beamdog versions?

Demonoid_LimewireDemonoid_Limewire Member Posts: 424
edited May 2014 in Off-Topic
So, i want to ask this question. STEAM client is hated by many, because it is a form of DRM, plus it sometimes gives trouble to its users. To begin with, i do not want to start an argument or flame war, for or against, this is not my desire at all... Also, Beamdog client has been criticized in the past for reasons that currently elude my memory.

I want to ask some things, and i would like to receive valid answers in return. Please help me...?

1) Can you use prepaid card for Beamdog versions of the 2 BG games?
2) Can you pay in euros for Beamdog versions of the 2 BG games, or only american dollars?
3) Is Beamdog client in any way similar to the steam one (drm, restricted ownership/functionality of game/data, etc)?
4) Which version is better, Steam or Beam?
5) Can you use "offline mode" in Beamdog client, much like steam's?
6) If you are going to buy the game today, which client/distributor would you prefer, and why...?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    1) I dunno
    2)ummm... Yeah, probably.
    3)I dunno
    4)beam, updates faster
    5)baldurs gate doesn't use the internet except multiplayer. Unless there's something I don't know
    6) buy it from beamdog. They get the most profit, and it's just better(or so I hear)

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    What 'MAME' are you referring to?

    Anyway, to answer in order with my own opinions:
    1. My guess would be 'yes.' Though, truthfully, I have no idea. I suppose that would depend on what country you live in and the terms allowed by the cards. For example, in the country I reside Visa has an extra digit which means it is impossible to use on most online shops outside of this country. * Those cards have almost all been replaced, most have already but there are a few stragglers where they have not sent out new cards. This also made it impossible for me to buy from the Google Play store and required someone else to buy the Android version of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for me.
    2. All prices are in USD.

      Taxes are included within the price of each game.

      As soon as your order is complete, it will become available in the Beamdog client for download.

      Visit our About Us section for more information.

      If you have problems with your Credit Card, try using PayPalTheir shop only accepts the United States Dollar currency, please see the notice to the right—it was taken from their own store checkout page. In most cases it can be purchased cheaper from Beamdog, inclusive of currency conversions. I do not know if it is also inclusive of credit/debit card transaction fees.
    3. The Beamdog version of the game does not require the client to be running at the time of launch, and is needed only to update the game. I have not purchased anything else from the Beamdog store so I cannot vouch for the rest of the shop. Beamdog have also supplied a standalone downloader option that can be installed so that you need not even have the Beamdog client. No game on Steam offers that sort of option.
    4. Version? They should both be more or less the same, granted that the Steam version has the Steam overlay. The Steam overlay can be used in non-Steam games, however, so that's a non-issue meaning that you could buy games from Beamdog and still have the Steam overlay. The Steam version of the game has, in the past, seen a slower patch release than the Beamdog client given that patches needed to go through Atari and then to Steam. I think that delay has since been resolved to only a day or so, but since I do not have the Steam version it is difficult for me to guess on that. It is also possible, even probable, that the overlay can cause performance issues on computers with Intel graphics.
    5. Yes, it has an offline mode; though if the only game you have is Baldur's Gate, then it is a bit redundant as mentioned prior that the game can be run without the client.
    6. Beamdog's version, mainly so that the developer gets the most out of each transaction. Having said that, Steam has the larger audience. With that, Steam also has a larger price for me.
    Further note: I abhor any client that is required in order to run a game—which is why I dislike Steam in general, though my disdain is certainly not limited to Steam, I also dislike UPlay and Origin. I will gladly support any developer who decides to at least try DRM-free gaming. I dare say my profile is looking rather... Baldur's Gate-ish at the moment, there's a lot of scrolling before you reach the bottom. I support GOG as a site and Beamdog's Enhanced Editions because of this effort towards DRM-free games. If Steam, UPlay, or Origin were the only way to obtain the games I might enjoy, then I would rather go without. If I wanted other games from Beamdog and they required the client in order to run, as opposed to only needing to download the games, I would most assuredly not buy them.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151
    Also when it comes to the Beamdog versions you can apply for beta access. Which in reality means you actually stand a chance of getting some degree of timely patch support (as opposed to the Steam versions who can't access the betas and because of that they haven't been able to get an update for either game since november). Though to be honest I'm not sure if people who have signed up to get access to the BG2EE beta have it yet or how that is working. Overhaul has been silent as a mouse about it.

    I don't really have a preference personally. I like Steam because its easier to use and I can post guides on it. But Beamdog has its strengths (its a smaller company so you can get a bit more personalized service). The best fit really depends on your circumstances.

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