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David the Gnome ToB no reload challenge

After defeating Irenicus twice (that damn sorcerer didn't want to let my soul go. Talk about possessive ex-girlfriends) and damning him to Hell for eternity, David will try to continue his no reload run in ToB.

As before, I have no problem using metagaming to make my life easier, etc, etc. Draconis will likely fall to spike traps. As a matter of fact, many enemies will fall to spike traps. I am a bit bored with the run and want to start a SCS run with a bard (minimum reload), so will try to make it as fast as possible. I guess that might mean dying from carelessness but will try to avoid that.

Picking Sarevok and Imoen as they are more or less at the same level than the rest (with just one class) and they will level up faster.

So far I have killed Illasera the Weak and done the first challenge.


  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    Yes for all the brain-eating "immune", you must lower resist first. Either through IA (instant casting) or through a sequencer.

    I believe that Sarevok, as any non-mage, is indeed a liability.
    Fire giants is a good example of that : they will teat your fighter to pieces while they won't be able to kill even one mordy sword.

  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @mumumomo‌ i have 4 casters (david, aerie, jan, imoen) so I guess i will have time against sendai to spellstrike+ lower resist and kill each time. i will take Abizigail, baltazar and melissan with traps, I think. Faster and easier.

    Any must have in WK? Otherwise i mught skip it.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    Cleared the second floor of the Fire giants by summoning Mordy+Deva+3 skeletons and hasting everyone. Those 5 meleed the giants and the 5 characters did ranged. They moped the floor with their enemies. The first floor I basically used traps + kiting.

    Got overconfident with the Fire elemental lord and he flamestriked to death both Imoen and Aerie. Nothing a rod of resurrection cannot solve.

    Now to WK as I want Ravager +6 and need some extra EXP. My multis still havent reached 6 M and I want David to eat Yaga-shura's brain (have never done it before)
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    edited May 2014
    Well done, but... no XP? I don't think that's normal.

    Supposedly, each party member receives 40,000 XP for killing Yaga-Shura.
  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    No XP is normal for killing things as a Mindflayer.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited May 2014
    Interesting. Why is there no XP for mindflayer kills? Is it the same for other shapechange forms? Another reason to use traps whenever possible, I guess
  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    you need to keep your focus :)!

    1- the air room also almost got me in my sorc run. Tricky one it is. Next one i will use of potion of absorption

    Apart from that, you are probably getting a little bit tired of the run (sus your no resting for 4 levels...):
    2- i don't even remember that one. I mean timestop/IA should kill everything no?
    3- timestop/brain (or timestop+whatever you want) eating should make short work of any dragon
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited May 2014
    Done it!
    Sendai was a piece of cake. Summon planetar + prince elemental for spawns, and sarevok + david to hack the sendais. Jan managed to place some traps killing a couple of the clones.

    Balthazar was tough. He killed half my party and stuned david which survived by throwing imoen in Balthazars way and distracting him. The rest of the battle was david running like a chicken and jan, the only one left putting spike traps in one corner. When he was done, david run there and balthazar died. Not proud of it.

    The ravager is inmune to lower resistance so it was tough. Impr.haste + critical strike on david and sarevok did him in. After i realised that maybe he is inmune to lv 5 or less so perhaps a couple of chain contingencies with pierce magics followed by chain contingencies with HW would be a good tactic.

    Melissan died to spike traps every time. Had to spend three wishes to get the Rest option (had prepared 6). The last fallen solar + marilith battle was dealt with by a planetar and two Sunnies. The solar never had a chance :-)

    Really fun to do a no reload. Now I need to try SCS as my tactics in vanilla have been very similar as a normal game.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited May 2014
    One thing I didnt manage was to get aerie to give birth. Anybody knows how that works?


    Love these forums.
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    Wow amazing man! Pulling it off on your first effort... Congratulations!! :D
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited May 2014
    It was vanilla and i fully metagamed, i have to say :-) was also lucky in the right moments
  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    Great job!

    Balthazar is the most dangerous part of the game IMO because of his stuns and timestop immunity.

    The ravager can be dealt with quite safely with mordy swords.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    I have used time stop very little in this playthrough. My main lv9 spell was summon planetar. Anything that could be dealt with traps, was dealt with traps
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    MacHurto said:

    It was vanilla and i fully metagamed, i have to say :-) was also lucky in the right moments

    Well luck be a lady, and David is quite the ladies gnome, so that all makes perfect sense :D

    I think that even on vanilla it's still quite a feat, and I also think (based on my own experience) that metagaming is necessary for a no-reload to work.

    Maybe now that this is behind, you could try SCS?
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    @blackraven yes, definitely. Will have a break, though :-)
  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    Summon planetar is godly, especially if you can cast multiple versions using several mages.
    I remember with my solo sorc :
    - the planetar soloed soa by himself.
    - in tob he was not resilient enough against boss but quite ok for the rest.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    edited May 2014
    @mumumomo‌ can you summon more than one? Is it a project image exploit or something? It didnt allow me to summon more. Also I tried the chain contingency -> project image (helpless) and then cast project image, but only got one image, not two.

    I could.summon more than one elemental prince, though. Didnt realise until the last battle. 1 planetar + 3-4 eath/fire princes can probably own anything if hasted and with some debuff backup

    Devas are a piece of s••• compared to planetars btw.
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