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Epaulet/Capes/Scarf For Other Classes

BGEFanaticBGEFanatic Member Posts: 67
Hey everyone,

First of all this topic might not be in the exact because this is for both BGE 1 & 2 forum.

Is there any possibility for future updates or mods that includes Epaulet/Capes/Scarf For Other Classes? except for mages, sorcerer, and other unmentioned classes who already have it. Because from what I see especially in the older or medieval history most Knights, Thieves, Barbarians have this accessories included and from what I think add a fashion and dynamics and it's really really cool, really! Without it the characters seems dull or something is missing, especially the arch-enemy "Armored Fiend" cos it adds more tyranny, true villain looking (like Megamind) for the bad guys and adds heroic atmosphere for the good guys.

Man, if I were a modder I will make one but then I'm no good with coding whatnot. Really, this really needs to be added to the game.

and if there were any existing mod *which I couldn't find* please give me a link and spare me the search thingy.

Good day ya'll its a good day, today is the day I just felt good hope everyone felt same way too. ;)


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