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Payment method for Android games

GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
Ok, I'm quite new in Android stuff and recently wanted to buy Bard's Tale but I can see only big wall in front of me:
I have no Credit or Debit card (& surely won't have one only because of some kind of game!), are there any clever way to pay for the game? For example:
- different shop that sells android games that accepts something as simple as paypal or bank transfer
- maybe there is special bank account number on which I can transfer my money and I will get virtual money on google wallet
- some kind prepaid cards maybe (that are available in Europe too) like paysafe?

There may arrive BG EE on Android soon and I'm not sure if there is an easy way for me to pay for it.


  • sepottersepotter Member Posts: 367
    To the best of my knowledge the only stores that will sell it will be Google Play, and the Amazon marketplace (for kindle, when it releases), but you can buy Google Play gift cards, perhaps there is a location near you that sells them, perhaps this will be helpful:

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,768
    edited August 2013
    When I was confronted with the same problem, I bought a pre-paid card from Moneybookers (the new name is Skrill). As long as you make sure the card is pre-loaded (you link the card to your bank-account) you can use it for payments like this without fuss. If I remember well, the only cost involved was a payment of 10 euro's for getting the card. I was anxious about owning a credit card at first, but I did read all the fine print and I trusted it. You can use it in places where you can only use credit cards, but by pre-loading it before you buy there's no debt involved.

  • rkp71rkp71 Member Posts: 16
    You can just buy google play cards or even visa/mastercard gift cards, with gift cards you just have to register them online before making online purchases. I have used visa gift cards i picked up at grocery stores, walmarts and gas stations.

  • GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
    I have made some research and here is what I have found out:
    - I have found out that my card is actually visa debit card (that is what is written on my web account) so therefore I should be eligible to purchase from google play but some mystical power prevents me from doing so (card is not accepted), and the same thing is in amazon store
    - Also there is no google play gift cards available in my country, there is even no google wallet, farther more you can't use gift card bought in a different country (yup learnt the hard way, now I have for sale one american 10$ google gift card bought on via paypal... ), also google account is locked to the specific country if you changed into one that has google wallet available - so after that no more country changes
    - recently google play begun to accept paypal but again only in US...
    - paypal and paysafe is nowhere accepted (except PCGameSupply which doesn't help me)
    - From now on I'm quite suspicious about those gift cards, but visa gift card looks promising, thanks @rkp71 but sadly "No Visa Gift card merchants were found near my country", there is still online purchase but first I have to be sure that it can be used in my country

    Sometimes I feel like I'm citizen of the third category country citizens of which no one really care about.

    I'm really tired of this whole difficulties to pay for something it's like "shut up and take my money" but nobody wants it... I mean everybody will gladly take my money but nobody will sell me this product, it's kinda ridiculous I would say.

  • etotheoetotheo Member Posts: 61
    Try using a VPN software like TunnelBear (available in the Play Store for free) which basically hides your IP address.

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,768
    Did you look at the option to use a Skrill prepaid Mastercard?

    Mine is accepted both in Amazon and in Google Play. Since Moneybookers became Skrill, the card is €10,- per year instead of €10,- once however, so it says on the site (I just had to pay once for mine).

  • GriegGrieg Member Posts: 507
    The day before yesterday I have managed to buy BG1. I used my normal card, don't know why previously my card was not accepted but I am now happy owner of BGEE-android edition and by the way I bought also few other games, like carmageddon:D

    Still I think that there should be also other payment methods, but we - small people - won't change anything in politics of big companies...

    Also I would like to thank all people that tried to help me, so: Thanks:)

  • neokarnyneokarny Member Posts: 39
    For those of you who may not yet know: Google Play added (or is adding) Paypal payment support.

  • wigglesgwigglesg Member Posts: 96
    You could try installing Google rewards, they give you free Google credit for answering questionnaires. Granted they're probably using your answers to advertise to you and you only get a pence for each one but free credit is free credit!

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