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#8114 - Kagain is bugged

StormvesselStormvessel Member Posts: 654
edited May 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.2)
Kagain keeps spamming me trying to get back into the party. I don't know if I created the bug with my playstyle so I will tell you what I do. When I start a new game I have a ritual: I recruit Immy, Monte, Xzar, Kivan, and Kagain and I kill Drizzt (trapping him in with Kagain, Monte, Xzar, Immy and Kivan), then I recruit them back and go to High Hedge and dump all party members besides the ones I need and turn in the chicken. Well, on this playthrough I am playing good so I didn't keep Kagain (which I always keep if playing Evil or Neutral so this is rare), and when coming back to High Hedge in chapter 4 he is spamming the hell out of me! He is worse than Noober. It is really annoying, so I thought I would point out this BUG.

I am using the Steam version if that makes a difference.

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