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Locked out of Shadow Thieve's Guild?

So I ran into a problem. I'm doing Aran's quests and helped out at the dock. But now I can't get back in... The front door is always locked and I can't seem to reach the other entrances. What's going on? Did I drop some critical key or something and not notice? Because now I can't progress at all in the game if I can't get to Aran.


  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    What platform are you using (Mac, Windows, etc.)?

    Can you upload a saved game? Go to your Documents/Personal directory, go to /Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition/, go to /save/, find the save game name (e.g. 000000001-Quick Save), Zip/RAR that folder and then attach it using the link below the comment box on this forum.

    You may have dropped a key. Since you have already gotten to Aran and are apparently doing quests for him, I cannot understand why the place would be locked down.

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