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Have you ever tried to kill Drizzt?



  • Dragonfolk2000Dragonfolk2000 Member Posts: 343
    yeah, some games
    After they fixed the pathfinding glitch and nerfed traps I haven't really dedicated myself to trying it with a balanced party. I'll probably do it in my current single player play-through and we'll likely do it in our multiplayer game. That's end game stuff for me though.

  • blackchimesblackchimes Member Posts: 323
    yeah, every game
    Drizzt? No idea who you're talking about, officer. Never heard nothin' bout no Drizzt, no sir.

  • AkihikoAkihiko Member Posts: 213
    yeah, 2-3 times just to see how strong he was
    Yup, tried attacking him on my last playthrough, and part way through the battle *ZAP* he got blasted by a lightning bolt from the sky, killing him. Thus proving my theory, Drizzt's second worst enemy is bad weather, right after werebears.

  • terzaerianterzaerian Member Posts: 231
    yeah, most games
    Tried and succeeded. The one time I did was on a fighter, who had been specced five deep in Bows. I stocked her up with Potions of Speed, invulnerability, boots of speed, Arrows of Piercing, that kind of thing, then lead him on a merry chase, careful to keep him from pureeing the rest of my party.

  • SouthpawSouthpaw Member Posts: 2,026
    yeah, some games
    I mostly leave him alone, tip my hat to him and let him go. Occasionally, I used to pickpocket his swords (when I needed them for some char). Even less times - I've killed him (for the armor).

  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    no, never
    Well.. i don't usually like to kill the few rare good guys around especially when they come from bad backgrounds and deliberately refused to be asshol*s themselves (so rare nowadays too)! So that was an obvious no for me on that one.. ^)

    that beeing said.. more practically, i don't see either the point in killing him for his gear.. knowing you can perfectly finish the game without it.. and more importantly that is totally useless for a future export towards bg2 (from my understanding..if that was, well, could be discussed at least..i guess)..) : you just add ignominy to total vacuity even if only virtual, lol.. )

    But that's just me of coarse.. *))

  • typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,702
    edited June 2014
    yeah, 2-3 times just to see how strong he was
    Le Drizzt poll needs more voters-ment noaw. :u

    New blood.
    Young bloood.
    YOUR bloooood. >:)

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