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Listed racial trait "bonuses" to thief skills and actual skill amounts

diessadiessa Member Posts: 3
My apologies if this has been reported already, but my searches for a similar report have been unsuccessful.

One of the small additions in BGEE that I appreciated was the inclusion of thief skill bonuses in the racial trait lists. However, they seem to be either bugged or a victim of information that remains hidden. I knew that some races, such as halflings, were better thieves because of their bonuses, yet the trait lists for other races, such as humans, dwarves, and gnomes, list substantial bonuses to thief skills that exceed halfings, half-elves, etc. However, the races with the substantial "bonuses" to their thief skills remain far behind (as intended) despite the actual values/"bonuses" for the "best" thief skill races remaining unlisted.

I compared humans and half-elves because they are similar. For example, the trait list says that humans have +15% to pickpocketing while half-elves have +10% to that thief skill. According to this list, human bards and thieves should have 5% more pickpocketing, above the "base" value, compared to their half-elven counterparts. However, half-elves have 10% more skill in pickpocketing compared to humans with every variable, such as dexterity, the same other than their race. In the original, because we know that each race has different values for their thief skills. However, why document the "bonuses" if there are other values that are hidden? The "bonus" values have been listed already, so why can't the actual values be listed in the racial traits section? Regardless, the list of skill bonuses, as it is, seems to be inaccurate.

I think that documenting these values is a good first step, but the documentation can be more inclusive of the variables and more accurate in the results.


  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,415
    The rates listed for humans aren't a "racial bonus". They are the base skill values for all thieves. Humans have racial bonuses of 0% over these base skills. Other races have bonuses or penalties to these base skills, depending on their race. What is listed for humans should instead be listed in the thief class description as the base skills. It's a documentation error.
  • diessadiessa Member Posts: 3
    I figured that it is just documentation as opposed to something "missing," so thanks for confirming. Hopefully is it a quick fix that can be added quickly to a patch release.
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