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Protection From Evil At the Beginning

LoveofwarLoveofwar Member Posts: 11
edited July 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
When the Golems come to attack you for going into the room. I put on Protection from Evil on my Main Character and they could not make the dialogue when you first meet. I could just attack ranged weapons and they were just running around doing nothing.

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  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    edited July 2014
    Odd, that sounds like a bug to me. Golems are constructs and are as such not evil. It shouldn't prevent anything except demons from attacking you either. . . They should also be immune to a great deal of magic. I'll check it out and see if it happens on mine to. :)

    Edit: Mine triggered like it was supposed to, has anyone else had this bug, I didn't see it on the list.
    Could a mod be responsible?

  • LoveofwarLoveofwar Member Posts: 11
    I don't have any mods on it, I just got it from steam during the steam sale.

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