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Jaheria and Khalid recruitment and retention issues.

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
This has tentively been reported before.

No action taken. Although the script does need tidying up.

Step 1: Recruit Xzar and Montaron (East side of AR2700)
Step 2: Recruit Jaheria and Khalid (Ground floor of FAI AR2301)
Step 3: Kill commoners to lower rep to 6 or below.
Step 4: Place Xzar, Khalid, Jaheria and Montaron next to each other and force talk by pressing ctr-i
Step 5: Observe fight scene between the above. Aid Jaheria and Khalid or use Ctrl-y to ensure Jaheria and Khalid win.
Step 6: Observe both Jaheria and Khalid talk to you seperately. Observe Khaid walk away. Observe that Jaheria will now not talk to you (but on saving and reloading she will...)
Expected behaviour: If both Jaheria and Khalid survive, Jaheria should talk for both herself and Khalid and both stay (How can Khalid just abandon her wife!) Current arrangement works well if either Jaheria or Khalid die in the battle.


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