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Watcher's Keep finished before I even started

I started a new game in BG2EE. I finished a few quests, etc and then decided to go do Watcher's Keep first level. When I arrive there, I get the whole Watcher's Keep intro (like you get with each new chapter), and afterwards I get 80000 Quest Experiences and my journal adds that I have dealt with the Imprisoned One.

I'm using the following mods:

Banter Packs
IEP Extended Banters
Unfinished Business
Wheels of Prophecy
BG2 Tweak Pack
BPSeries AI Scripts

I've installed all of those in the order as indicated in this post:


  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,139
    Uninstall all mods (easy & shoter version: reane, the override folder) and try again, if it does not happen then this can be moved to the not an issue section.

  • MicrochatonMicrochaton Member Posts: 5
    Same thing happened to me, got similar mods. I went there via movetoarea though since watcher's keep refused to appear on my map :/

  • wateverwatever Member Posts: 4
    I did start a game before using a lot more mods (including the BP-series for the Ascension aspect of it) and that was buggy as hell. I had NPCs being unkillable (like the Cowled Wizard in the Planar Sphere), being unable to save or rest because "monsters are about" even if there were no hostiles anywhere on the map, etc.

    I deleted all mods, deleted BG2EE and redownloaded and reinstalled it, adding the mods I mentioned above.
    Perhaps a fraction of the buggy scripts or whatever had been left behind in my install folder, as I used the same one.

    Anyway, it seems I can do Watcher's Keep as everything seems to be in order. I guess I'll see what happenes once I get to the Imprisoned One.

    Worst case scenario: I can not finish it, but I did get the XP from finishing it already so no big deal.

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