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Weapons Table

DawgSlayaDawgSlaya Member Posts: 2
HI, I'm a new player, just started the game a few days ago.
So I was really bored in class today, and it seemed a little too outrageous to start playing a game outright, so I decided to play around with Excel (my life is sad, yeah i know), and I ended up creating an excel table with the stats of all of the basic weapons.

I couldn't find anything like it from a few simple google searches, so hopefully this hasn't been done before and I'm not just making a fool of myself here.

There's really no point to this in the late game, but hopefully it helps with the new players in the early game choosing weapon proficiency.

I also decided to include a standard deviation column to see how consistent a weapon is.

I just have a question for the senior players, are all the information correct? especially with the ranged weapons, their DPR seem abnormally high because of their multiple attacks.

the abbreviations used:
*:number of dice
d:type of dice
+:flat number added to the dice roll
rof: rate of fire per round, i just set it to 1 for the melee weapons
min:minimum damage if hit
max:maximum damage if hit
stdev:standard deviation, how consistant the weapons is at dealing its average damage, the lower, the more consistant
dpr:average damage per round (assuming it always hits)
possible rolls:I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to do sigma notation in excel, so I had to resort to the brute method of listing out every possible roll manually to figure out the standard deviation.

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