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cleric/mage, when to dual? or maybe a sorc?

I'm feeling nostalgic and taking another run through the series. My plan is to create a cleric, then dual over to a mage at some point, using shadowkeeper kit it to a wild mage. My original plan was just a wild mage, but then I thought, why not take some cleric level for a few extra low level buff spells? I'll still max out as a mage, and will have better HP on top of it.

Anyway, I'm not sure when to dual. At first I figured at level 8, as that would still let me get to level 34 as a mage. However, that would have me playing a lowly mage near the end of BG1 and for the rest of the game. However, the mage pretty much maxes out his castings/saves/etc. at level 28, so I could probably milk the cleric levels a little longer. HLAs are based on total experience, not level, so I don't even have to worry about that being an issue.

Then again, I've never played a sorcerer. So, maybe I should install that thing that lets me play bg1 in the bg2 engine and play one of those.

So, I suppose my question is when is a good time to dual the cleric? Or, if you prefer, can you try to sell me on the sorcerer (aside from telling me how uber it is, because I already know that)? Thanks.


  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,449
    Cleric -> Mage could be done at level 7 to complete the dualclassing process in BG1. If you decide to dual in BG2 then you could indeed wait a bit longer. Level 13 would be the level to dual at the latest if you want to reach level 28 as a Mage supposing you reach the XP cap, which isn't easy with a full party. You could dualclass a bit earlier to prevent XP cap issues. Personally I would dualclass earlier anyway because the longer you wait the longer the completion of the dualclassing process will take. So either level 7 in BG1 or level 9-10 in early BG2 (or at the latest level 11 to get a few level 6 Cleric spells).

    Re: the Sorcerer, I've got little to say as I never play them. However I saw that you like the idea of the Wild Mage. What you could do is roll a Sorcerer and give him/her the Wild Mage kit. That way you'd end up with a Wild Sorcerer.

  • bbearbbear Member Posts: 1,180
    It's hard to dualclass as C/M. Dual too early and you miss out the higher level cleric spells. Dual too late and you miss out the time of the original class. I recommend multiclass C/M instead.

  • KnellerKneller Member Posts: 432
    Yeah, I'm starting to gravitate towards the multi. I could play a gnome C/I for BG1 then SK it over to a Wild Mage for BG2. I'm on the fence with the sorcerer though, less for the power, more for the not having to spell prep and just being able to roll with the game.

    I figure, the multi will be trailing a few levels behind the dual once we get well enough into BG2. I see this as a definite problem for dispel magic (as caster level plays into the effectiveness). Are there any other cleric or mage spells that are significantly nerfed due to the level lag?

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,449
    You won't need Dispel Magic much with a Mage multi. You'll have many level-independent spells like Breach, Pierce Magic, Ruby Ray and later Spell Trap.
    Gnome C/I is a good pick fo the extra mage spell per level and thanks to the Cleric's Animate Dead spell you'll only lose out on two good Mage spells: Skull Trap and Abi Dalzim's.

    Sorcerer-style casting is great as you say. If you don't want to create the typical OP Sorcerer, you might consider randomizing to some extent the spell picks.

  • KnellerKneller Member Posts: 432
    edited August 2014
    [quote]Gnome C/I is a good pick fo the extra mage spell per level[/quote]

    I would actually turn him into a Cleric/Wild Mage so I wouldn't even lose the necro spells.

    [quote]Sorcerer-style casting is great as you say. If you don't want to create the typical OP Sorcerer, you might consider randomizing to some extent the spell picks.[/quote]

    I don't mind the OPness of it, it's just not a draw for me (or else I would totally play one). In comparing the two, I see it as versatility (C/M) vs. convenience (Sorc). Besides, what could possibly have more style than a gnome cleric/wild mage? That even out-pizzazzes a bard. :P

    edit: quote tags apparently don't work here? well, i'm leaving them in anyway. :)

  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    edited August 2014
    The only time I played a cleric/mage variation, I chose dual instead of multi.

    I played a Priest of Helm>Mage, I dualed at level 10. That gave me 3 level 5 spells (+2 free true sights) and was much easier to regain cleric levels on the other side. The difference between mage level 11 and 12 is significant, well at least in the short run. Look closely at the level 6 spells and see if it is worth it to you to wait. I was ok with bailing out at that point, but I am not very patient with duals. It was a really fun character to play.

    I have never played a cleric/mage before but it would certainly be a gnome if I did. That sounds really fun too.

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