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New Weapon Types: Two Handed Axes and Rapiers!

MeanbunnyMeanbunny Member Posts: 107
edited August 2014 in Feature Requests
I have looked through the arsenal of weaponry that Baldur's Gate has to offer and there are pretty much two points that are especially unsettling to me. Whenever I imagine rolling a barbarian the first thing I think of in my head, is him wielding a huge, menacing two handed axe. It has been something I always have wanted to do and with a little balancing and the help of the developers it would really make my Baldur's Gate dream come true. I also always envisioned my Swashbuckler dual wielding Rapiers, using a fencing type fighting style instead of a hack and slash style.

Two handed axes could go under the Axes proficiency and use slashing damage. Rapiers could go under the small swords proficiency and use piercing damage.

It would really be awesome to have these implemented into the game, even if there were maybe a single magical weapon of each type somewhere in the game, they wouldn't have to be gamebreaking and they could be balanced to equalize with the existing weapons so as to not make the older weapons obsolete.

You don't have to make their stats any different from the existing similiar weapon types in the game, it is purely an aesthetic and roleplaying feature in my opinion.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read, review or comment on this request. Especially to the developers who have stayed up many late nights to bring us the Enhanced Edition of such an amazing game. Thank you again and have an awesome day.

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