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What would be your stats if?

Your actual self were in the game and how would you lead your life? Please state your alignment even though a thread has been made already, your stats (strength...) and your class that fits the most with your stats and personality. Feel free to provide some explanations. And be fair, remember you need at least 15 strength to be able to wear a full plate mail and fight with it which isn't common at all :)

As for me...

Alignment : Neutral Good

strength : 11 (I would definitely be crippled wearing a plate, but I do boxing so I am still fit)

dexterity : 15 (one of my strongest asset)

constitution : 14 ( I don't have more hp than anyone else but i never get sick and recover pretty fast)

intelligence : 12 (not bad not good but slightly above average I believe)

wisdom : 15 (that we can't take it away from me)

charisma : 12 (I have my moments)

class : fighter/druid

It's not my style to specialize only in one thing, I like to be able to defend myself in melee combat but I am also ethical and nature buddy, so I would gladly make a career in divine spell.

High chances I would live as a nomad seeking knowledge and new experiences.



  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    edited August 2014
    Much to my regret, my current stats would not make the 75 minimum roll, so I'll provide them in a "Baldurized" edition.

    With that in mind:

    Class: Ranger (I'm a nature lover, always hiking and birding)
    Alignment: Neutral Good (no doubt about it)
    Proficient in darts, clubs (played baseball)

    Str: 10
    Dex: 12
    Con: 12
    Int: 13
    Wis: 15
    Cha: 13

    (My real life stats would have more in common with Neeber than that!)

  • JitterBugJitterBug Member Posts: 37
    Alignment: Hard to say Chaotic-Neutral or Chaotic-Good

    str: 9 (pretty out of shape though not to a point were its a detriment to my health)
    dex: 15? (Mostly depends on my mood and how comfortable I am, have good showings but most circumstances its not relevant)
    Con: 12-14 (i'm in good health though out of shape)
    Int: 10-16 (i'm mildly insane, hard to tell what neurological shape I'll be in even though I have high showings of intelligence)
    wis: 15? (i'm generally pretty self aware and have an easy time discerning others but been said i'm objective to a fault and I haven't got much life experience)
    cha: 12 (trouble in social environments but seem to leave good impressions)

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,410
    edited August 2014
    Str 9-10 (weak, but not terribly.)
    Dex 7-8 (extremely nearsighted, can't hit the broad side of a barn, generally clumsy, can't play a musical intstrument, etc.)
    Con 11-12 (generally good health, has 1 or two sickness period per year tops)
    Int 13-14 (good grades, graduated from medical school without lost year, IQ test scores were in 138-142 range, which equals to this score IMHO)
    Wis 12-13 (not as naive, trusting or stupid as I once was. Still I am not the epitome of wisdom)
    Cha 11. 12 in a good acne-free day. (ugly mug, but people get to like me when they know me, and I am known to give good speeches/lectures/presentations when I must)

    Alignment:Neutral good but with very chaotic tendencies. Lately I have found myself more and more chaotic good. Trying my best to be good, kind, and helpful to others; thinking life is sacred, etc. Definitely not lawful, I don't like strict rules and think they can and should be worked around if the cause is good. Organisation and discipline are not exactly my forte, too. Plus I tend to find unpredictability, or chaos, hauntingly beautiful.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    Class: Vanilla Bard
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Str 9-10
    Dex 13-14
    Con 10-11
    Int 15-16
    Wis 10-14
    Cha 17
    TOTAL 74-82

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,870
    Class: (Un)Commoner
    Alignment: Apathetic Neutral, with black humour tendences.
    Strength: 13
    Dexterity: 9
    Constitution: 16
    Intelligence: 15
    Wisdom: 17
    Charisma: 13
    Comeliness: ∞. Having an amorphous body puts you off the scala.

  • Abi_DalzimAbi_Dalzim Member Posts: 1,410
    Class: Expert (Wanna say Mage, but since I've no training in Magic...)

    Alignment: True Neutral leaning Neutral Good

    Strength: 9-10
    Dexterity: 15-16
    Constitution: 13-14
    Intelligence: 16-17
    Wisdom: 14-15
    Charisma: 10-11

    Total: 77-83

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
    edited August 2014
    Str: 9, I won't say I'm weak, but I am definitely not strong.
    Dex: 14, I train fencing and I'm very good at dodging, etc.
    Con: 9 or 10, normal
    Int: this depends more on people's definition of INT, D&D describes it as the capacity to learn and memorize, and being 15 and already knowing a big part of the C programming language, plus I always found learning new stuff and maths easy, so I think a 15 or 16 fits me.
    Wis: I think I am a wise person, so I'd say 10 to 12.
    Cha: 4, and I am being generous with myself, I don't like talking to people pointlessly and I often make hostile reactions when questioned (of the "leave me alone I don't want to hear your crap" type) and etc. I am a capable leader but still a unconsidered person (seriously, narcissists won't get why empathy is good, which is what happens to me) and sometimes even evil, I can make actions accordingly to the situation and lead considerably well, but I lack the charisma to inspire people, if I inspire something upon people, I'm sure it's not love nor any type of psychological affection.

    So that's from 61 to 65 points total.

    Align: True Chaotic (chaotic neutral) with lawful, good and evil tendencies :)

    Class: as @Abi_Dalzim‌ (even if his names says otherwise :P), I can't be a Mage since I don't study magic, so I's say XXI Century Mage/Thief or Ranger/Mage (even if it's illegal). I definitely would rather live in a forest, alone and without any society, and I am quite good when it comes to stealth and silent movement, besides I think I could fit as a Mage too since I really like reading books and studying (unless it's economy, *hate* that).

    My proficiency points are: Long Sword+ (a saber in fencing :P) and Single Weapon Style+ (I am not very good attacking but I'm quite good defending).

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  • Demonoid_LimewireDemonoid_Limewire Member Posts: 424
    That's fun! I 'll play along!

    I am chaotic neutral. After a long history of alignment changes, that is my final and most representing one.

    I am a ranger cleric. Not as effective as a pure fighter, but i can do damage if i so wish. Am spiritual to the point of discipline, plus have a "druidic" nature, because i like preparing herbal pastes, tinctures and drinks. As well as strong association and bonding with animals, especially those of the stray type.

    Strength 15 (barely enough to wear plate)

    Dexterity 15 (was 14 but i used a tome)

    Constitution 20 (for some reason, i almost NEVER fall ill, even against all odds, and i recover from serious wounds like bleeding injuries and infected insect bites almost miraculously, while other people even from family with same predicament, take a long time and persisting medication to recover from)

    Intelligence 11 (never been too bright, against my own good, especially for reading the atmosphere and other people's intentions concerning me and mine or solving riddles; it was 10, but i used a tome, specifically books on psychology and interpreting body language)

    Wisdom 25 (my life up to this point is very short, but i have gone through such and so many situations, that i boastfully declare the "I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING" quote; i also have inside my chaotic head, an ideal pattern of a society and of a mass of people, that if everyone shared with me as a vision or a pattern, the world would indeed had been perfect)

    Charisma 2 (was 3, absolutely minimum, and i got a penalty by my own choosing, so i could progress towards the endgame; i cannot rule, convince, cooperate with or coordinate my own limbs, imagine about others...)

  • Raistlin82Raistlin82 Member Posts: 256
    edited August 2014
    Hard to pinpoint a specific value for each stat, but sure... let's try.

    As much as my teenage, rebel, angry self (who liked to think about himself as CN or CE) would hate me if he saw me writing this... I have recently come to the conclusion that, yup, I'm as Good as they make them, and even though an argument could be made for NG, but I think LG suits me better.

    STRENGTH: 12
    It used to be average for many years, but thanks to my last year of training (kung fu + weight lifting), I can say it has started to go up.
    There has been a visible and palpable change.
    I was sure it could be 13 or 14, at first, but then I went and checked some lifting charts from several D&D editions and I came up with 12. Oh, well. Gotta work out more, I guess.

    I'm a good juggler: when my sister went to "circus practice" (yup, that exists) for a year, I used to make her mad by learning every trick in five minutes and performing them in front of her. Even though I haven't done it in a long time, I went back and tried to do a little juggling just to check if I was still capable, and I am.
    I'm also a total sniper with firearms, both handguns and rifles. Both my grandfather and my uncle like hunting. I never did go hunting, because I'd hate to hurt animals, but I've been trained with guns. Last time I went to a convention with my sister, she asked me to win a plush toy for her in the shooting game you always see in fun fairs. I started from the very first target in the top left corner, and I kept going methodically forward until I one-shotted every single target. I couldn't throw two of them off the ledge because the bullets didn't have enough strength in it (yup, the owner of the shooting range is a cheater), but I did hit them. I missed once. I won one huge plush toy, nonetheless.
    Also, I'm known among my friends for being an extremely stealthy person, one who can suddenly (from their point of view) appear and disappear in an instant.

    I always get sick in the winter, and my knees took a very long time to recover from a bad injury.

    I was always an extremely gifted child. I started by creeping out my teachers at the age of three and I went up from there.
    Seriously, you'll have to trust me on this. I'm the smartest person I know, and that's not even hyperbole.
    A couple of people who used to be considered brilliant by all those who knew them, ended up being impressed when they met me.
    I can make complex math calculations in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds, I play two musical instruments, I speak four languages (English is my fourth, if you were wondering), etc...
    I know it sounds like bragging, but I'm just trying to justify with words the big number I put up there.
    I would have been a genius, hadn't "other interests" entered my life and distracted me from the bookish lifestyle that seemed to be set for me. Instead, I decided not to strain myself and not to fully develop my natural talent.
    Of course, modern science tell us that there isn't a single type of intelligence, and one who could appear to be conventionally "less intelligent" in one field could excel in some other fields, etc...
    However, given my eclectic knowledge and being forced to reduce the entire concept of intelligence to a single two-digits stat... yeah, 18 it is.

    WISDOM: 12
    Thinking of many "wrong calls" I've had in my life, I initially wanted to rate myself lower, but then again comparing myself, my choices and my situation to all the people I know (mostly, but not only, my age), I have to say I'm above average. At the bare minimum there is above average.

    I'm quite good looking.
    I have this thing with groups and leadership that is just frustrating, for me.
    I often find myself in a situation where I can clearly tell what's the best course of action, and I can clearly find the fault in others' reasoning... but I find myself incapable of convincing the group (sometimes, not a single person) to go my way.
    Every single time, I am forced to watch the group go the wrong way, without being able to do anything to prevent the disaster that I know is coming, and every single time I find myself being right.
    You'd think this would give me some sort of satisfaction, but no... it doesn't. It's frustrating as hell. Also, I hate people who go "I told you so!", so I usually avoid doing even that.
    I'm starting to get a "Cassandra complex" out of this.
    That's why I have started flat out refusing "leadership positions", both in work environments and outside.

    Now, the CLASS... well, I'm no man of the gods and I'm no front line runner. I'm no monk, either... that's my best friend and kung fu trainer (the feats I've seen him perform!).
    If I was a soldier, I'd be a sniper. So, that means a rogue who shoots a ranged weapon, probably a CROSSBOW, from the cover of darkness, while the meatshields throw themselves at the enemy. Even though I have a history of playing instruments and acting, personality-wise I see myself more as a Thief in the shadows than a Bard under the spotlight.
    That's limited to the real world, though.
    In a world where magic exists, I surely would be attracted to it (my nickname should have given that away), and I would perform magic of some sort.
    Given my cronic "he's gifted but he doesn't make an effort" nature, I'd be tempted to say Sorcerer... but no, I don't feel like a Sorcerer at all, more like a Mage.
    I'm a Dual-Class MAGE/THIEF who abandoned his magic studies because of boredom.

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  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,638
    o0o fun.

    Alignment: CN
    Str 13 (I can generally carry 100 pounds without encumbering myself. When I get into the 120-150 range I do slow down)
    Dex 15 (I am very agile with great hand eye coordination)
    Con 7 (Respiratory problems if I over exert myself)
    Int 14 (Not the brightest crayon, but I do have a full box)
    Wis 17 (I am fully aware that I do not know everything)
    Chr 15 (I get along well with others and can blend into many different cliques of people)

    Cleric/Bard if we are doing 3.5 rules. I would be inspiring people to greatness while I watch in the distance as they either gain the greatness of get cut down trying. Either or is amusing for me.

  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    I'll try it too

    Anlignment: chaotic good
    I'm a nurse, I like to help people but I don't like rules

    Class: Druid
    I love nature and animals, and I like to healing and help people but I also need my space to be in nature alone.

    Strength 13: I can carry my trek bag, I carry my grocery bags alone (they are heavy sometimes lol) or pack of 6 bottle of water, I do exercise (I guess not enough)

    Dexterity 12:
    I have a good eye coordination, I'm a good dancer, and I'm very flexible.

    Constitution 17:
    I am healthy and I almost never get sick the last time I remember I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed was last year for a week or so, and even then I took care of myself and got over it quickly, nothing before that or after.

    Intelligence 12:
    Well I'm studying a lotttt, I know a lot of thing but I don't remember thing in the air it pointless to me

    Wisdom 17:
    I pass a lot in life and I know to read situation and know to read people that I meet and get to know some of their ways just from seeing few thing about them, I know who I wanna get to know and who I'll get away very fast

    Charisma 15:
    I'm good looking, I know to be friendly and get alone in any place I go to (if I choose it ), as for leadership I can be if I want to but usually give the honor to someone else all tho I still saying what I think and usually people agree with me.

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 83
    Wow no single strength character here..
    I am chaotic good- as i feel for the pain of others but i dont believe in any form of government. The police,the army,the prison system,judges and most of the leaders - deserve death from my point of view.
    I believe they whole existence is based on LIES and DECEPTION and even thought they intentions are sometimes good- the outcome is usually for the worst. Thier WHOLE purpose is to hold POWER.

    With that said:

    Strength 18( gym 6 years, stong as naturally is possible, got few weak links i got to fix- that why not 18\00 but 18, can easily run with 70lbs vest on me, weight 200 pounds of muscle, crazy explosive power like 17 pullups with 70 lbs vest on me)

    Dexterity 12\13 - I am pretty fast for my frame, however all that power came with lose of flexibility and speed- i still practise mui thai 2 times per week for raising this stat)

    Constitution 16\17 - although i do get ill at least once a year(sometimes not), i have crazy regeneration like i have consitution 20, i can train up to 4 5 hours with huge intensity, i rarely feel pain and my bruises heal so fast like i am troll)

    intelligence 11\12- finished 13 classes, read a lot of books about certain topics such as nutrition and strength training, but outside my interests range i am quite stupid. Chemistry and Biology is like Babylon to me.

    Wisdom 15- althougth i am young and sometimes naive, i have seen things, made much more mistakes then every one i know. Spend some time behind bars- so i know what freedom and thinking is. Philosophy always fascinated me and i spend quite time thinking about past,present and future.

    Charisma 11- i am normal looking however due to my figure people are tensed around me and when i squeaze a joke or two they tell me i am not as intimidiating as i look. So i basically bad at intimidating,liying and charming- yet..

    I dont know what class physical instructor is... Strength and wisdom form?.. Cleric? i am not violent in my nature so all fighting classes lose sense. I have love for mind altering substances and i love nature so druid is open too. I love dem CLUBS in life but still sceptic about present of OMNIPRESENT FIGURE..

    Great discussion!

  • tennisgolfbolltennisgolfboll Member Posts: 457
    edited August 2014
    Str 22 (i can squat more than 400 pounds bellow parallel)
    Dex 18 (im fast and i am ambidextrous, skilled sniper with my rifle)
    Con 25 (i have been attacked by knife, chains, baseball bat. I saved my friends life and managed to stay out of the hospital, i cant get knocked out, if i get a concussion my nerve endings to the brain reconnect before i fall. So everyhing goes black all muscles go limp, but before second im back, but you feel terrible when you come back and feel knees having begun to give way but regain str before collapsing)
    Int 17 (90% of grades an A in school with little effort, got a job as an investigator)
    Wis 17 (dont know about this one. I try and let Allmighty God help me in all things)
    Cha 10 (ive got friends, a beutiful wife and so on, but i look like a violent tank)

    Id say im lawful good (fiercly loyal christian)

    Id probably be a custom class but something along big dwarf berserker

  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 83

    Str 22 (i can squat more than 400 pounds bellow parallel)
    Dex 18 (im fast and i am ambidextrous, skilled sniper with my rifle)
    Con 25 (i have been attacked by knife, chains, baseball bat. I saved my friends life and managed to stay out of the hospital, i cant get knocked out, if i get a concussion my nerve endings to the brain reconnect before i fall. So everyhing goes black all muscles go limp, but before second im back, but you feel terrible when you come back and feel knees having begun to give way but regain str before collapsing)
    Int 17 (90% of grades an A in school with little effort, got a job as an investigator)
    Wis 17 (dont know about this one. I try and let Allmighty God help me in all things)
    Cha 10 (ive got friends, a beutiful wife and so on, but i look like a violent tank)

    Id say im lawful good (fiercly loyal christian)

    Id probably be a custom class but something along big dwarf berserker

    So basically you are powerliving eh :)? Your Str is without the use of Vial of the Bull:)? Your squat is good but what is your weight?(aka Bw and weight ratio)- usually big strong guys are Slower then their thin counterparts, there are exeptions like Muhammad Ali or Marius Puzh. but most of mortal man lose speed as they gain size and power.
    Charisma is usually the power in you which attracts people.. Hitler looked like shit yet he captured the hearts of his listeners with mere words. If you got beautiful wife- that already means your Charisma is above average.
    About Con 25; you are probably the guy who burns his skin with lighter,break chains with wrists,and bash doors just for Fun. Maybe you could be my Kagain so i could use Larloch's Minor Drain and vampire touch on you?
    As far as i know Lawful means abiding to someone(part of order,organization,another ladder in certain hierarchy - berserker can go crazy, so you are restricted to classes which can control themselves. What about monk?

  • MeanbunnyMeanbunny Member Posts: 107
    edited August 2014
    Class: Fighter/Druid

    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Str: 12 ( I am not in shape at the moment but have always possessed an innate natural strength )
    Dex: 10 ( I am dexterous enough when I need to be, but for the most part not an acrobat )
    Con: 14 ( I can withstand a lot of pain and punishment, but due to being out of shape, this limits me )
    Int: 17 ( I have always been proud of my intelligence and always had A's in school, at times without trying )
    Wis: 17 ( I have always had a strong grasp and logical view on the philosophical questions in life)
    Cha: 14 ( I can be socially awkward at times but am liked by almost everyone, never really had an enemy and had friends in almost every clique in high school )

    I never back down from a fight, yet I love animals and have compassion for all living things.

    This was an awesome thread idea. I am interested in what our other forum brothers and sisters have to say about their IRL Class and stats! :b

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  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 83
    edited August 2014
    Opened new thread with Quiz link to D&D site

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