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Hexxat Repeat Shroud end dialogue and journal

At the end of the shroud quest, if you follow Hexxat to Cabrina in Copper Coronet.

After Cabrina finishes talking, Hexxat will walk over to you and do her speech then you
get a journal entry added.

If you kick Hexxat out, and then get her back at any time later, she will do a similar
dialogue and get the same journal entry added.

Its because in Hexxatp.dlg this code

IF ~ Global("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",2)
~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:
SAY #84394 /* ~Hello, .~ [OH84394] */
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #84397 /* ~Hexxat. How did things go with Cabrina?~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",3)
~ GOTO 9
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #84399 /* ~Hello, Hexxat. What's the good word from L?~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",3)
~ GOTO 10
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #84401 /* ~Good , Hexxat. Is your business with L complete?~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",3)
~ GOTO 11

Obviously designed because one of the options is for Hexxat to leave you to meet Cabrina and you can rejoin her at Copper Coronet.

The problem is in this code in hexxatj.dlg

IF ~ Global("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",1)
~ THEN BEGIN 552 // from:
SAY #84273 /* ~I've got to take the Shroud to Cabrina.~ [OH84273] */
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #84276 /* ~I'll come with you.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",2)
~ GOTO 553
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #84278 /* ~Where?~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("OHH_unprovedreturn","GLOBAL",2)
~ GOTO 562
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #84280 /* ~I'll meet you back at the Copper Coronet.~ */ DO ~TakePartyItem("ohhshrou")

As you can see, following her sets a variable that means the dialogue if you ever kick her out and then get her back, does the first dialogue batch above.


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