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Does removing an NPC for a while mess up their quests in BG2? (Anomen and Jaheira in particular?)

Spolilers below...

Hopefully my questions aren't too annoying... I've only played through BG2 halfway before starting over through the series. This (with my monk) will be my one playthrough, although I may go back and finish with my f/c dwarf.

I want to do the bulk of things and probably finish with the following party:
Monk (my character)
Nalia then Imoen

I previously did Neera's romance with the dwarf, so now I want to go all the way through Jaheira's. I also want to finish all of Rasaad's quests in SOA and TOB, and to be able to take on other NPC's during quests they make logical sense for, including Valygar and Keldorn (who will be left with his family this time). When you drop characters for a time does that mess up romance or quest times or triggers? Anomen and Jaheira are two I think about rotating out temporarily, but I worry about messing up her romance and quest, and messing up his quest and the chance to turn him good, more in line with my party, and more useful (wisdom).

Also, if I do Rasaad's quest somewhat quick in SOA and then let him and Keldorn sit out, are they available for rotations in TOB? Are they stuck at their same levels as when I left them in SOA?

Thanks in advance.


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