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The Iron Thorn

So I forget where I got this ring from, but I was just inquiring if there is any real downside to it besides the -4 CHA if I equipped it to my PC.

My PC is a Lawful Neutral, Human Monk (level 6, on chapter five right now)
I have done almost every side quest I could think of/find.

His starting stats were

18 STR
18 DEX
16 CON
13 WIS
13 INT
12 CHA

Though out my travels I picked up the tome of CHA and CON so respectively he looks like

18 STR
18 DEX
17 CON
13 WIS
13 INT
13 CHA (9 if I equipped the ring)

I think not right? Not if I'm buying anything at the least.
I mean, what's cooler than a Zombie Monk?



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