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Getting the most out of Hexxat

What gear and level up choices would you recommend to get the most out of Hexxat?

I'm thinking:
Scarlet Ninja-to
Gauntlets of E. W. S.
Human Flesh +5
Boots of the Cheetah
Blessed Bracers
Montolios Cloak
Helm of Balduran
Lum machine +1 strength

This gets APR to 9 with Improved Haste
THAC0 would be 10 base, -4 strength, +2 mainhand, +6 offhand, -2 offhand cloak, -1 helm, -1 gauntlets, -3 mainhand SNT, -2 offhand Belm

This brings it to:
3 mainhand THAC0 1d8+3+8 str+2 gloves= 17.5 damage
6 offhand THAC0 1d8+2+8 str+2 gloves= 16.5 damage

Or 77 damage/round.

Can anyone help to construct a comprehensive list of strategies to improve this with items or outside buffs?



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