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Dorn Romance in BG I EE

Hi all,

I'm trying to explore the Dorn Romance in BG I EE, do any of you know a guide for it ?
I've seen allot of info on this romance but only for the BG II EE.

At the moment, my last conversation with him was when I tell him that "I like him just the way he is".
After that he pondered about what could be between me and him but no other conversations have started since. Is this the end of Dorn Romance in BG I EE ?

Also, How do Romance variables work in EE with the Keeper ?
For example if I want to reset a romance and make sure it will start again from beginning ?

I'd really appreciate some help with this, as I find the NPCs to be one of the most enjoyable features of the game.



  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    Yep, Dorn's line about what the future might hold is the end of the romance for BG:EE - generally speaking, romances in the first game are short and abbreviated, more like a teaser for what happens in BG2:EE.

    I don't think you need the Keeper, the console works best when messing with romances. Not sure about specific variables, though...

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