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Help I despise win 8

I have the original Baldurs gate, and TSoC, and I am try to get it working on my mew laptop(specs below). It has Win 8(not by choice), and I have tried installing it into a directory other than Program Files. I click on the .exe, and nothing happens, no error messages, nothing. I have already edited the .ini to look for the cd data in the right place(I did a full install, so I don't have to change discs). I have not installed TSoC or any patches yet, as I want to make sure it will function before I spend anymore time on it. TIA


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,780
    As this is the original game you may struggle to get help/advice here @milehighxr‌

    From what you've said it is unclear what the issue is.
    - Did you do a Full (Custom ticking all boxes) install. Ignore any disk space warnings unless your hard disk is almost full.
    - Does your laptop have sound enabled.
    - When you start the game does it do anything at all. Does the CD drive start hunting? Does the exe show in task manager.

  • milehighxrmilehighxr Member Posts: 3

    I did do full custom install ignoring all HDD space warnings, sound is enabled. I can run BG Config, but there is nothing in there that helps me. Nothing happens at all when I click the icon for BG.

    I understand getting help here will be a longshot, but I refuse to buy a repackaged version of game I already own...

  • milehighxrmilehighxr Member Posts: 3
    What annoys me the most is I had this running just fine(straight up install into the Program files directory even!) on my old Alienware MX14R2, but I now have a new Win 8.1 machine because BBY junked my old machine, and they have nothing of "like kind" that has Win 7 on it... And because I don't have my old laptop, I can't get my win 7 key off it to try installing Win 7 on my new machine...

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