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Unable to creat a character and old saves are gone

I am running a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

The issue seemed to start after buying the Player Character Voice Sets. I purchased all the addons in the store at the same time however when i created a new character i noticed that that new voice packs were not there. When i went back into the store I was still able to click the install button but it stated i had already purchased the pack. With that in mine i just uninstalled and reinstalled the game from the Google Play Store. Now when i load the game all my old saves are gone (i was able to load my old saves with all other store purchases installed and running and i was also able to create a new character with no issues) and when i go through character creation when it gets to the box where you enter the character name the done box never illuminates? Has anyone had this issue before?


  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110

    When you uninstall the game from your device it will, in most cases, remove everything—including your saved games. That would account for the first issue with everything being removed. I would suggest backing up all data prior to uninstalling the game again.

    As for your second issue, the 'Done' button doesn't seem to work properly at the moment. What you need to do is press the Return/Enter key on the on-screen keyboard.

  • rainvalerainvale Member Posts: 2
    Awesome pressing enter from the keyboard works. I don't care as much that the saves are gone now since i can just create a new character. Thank!

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