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throne of Baal plananter

On the way to Marching mountains a creature says she has to kill Dorn or whatever. I can't seem to beat this thing./ Dorn is not even in my party but he shows up. Is there anyway to circumvent this?


  • mewp12mewp12 Member Posts: 61
    Please some one answer. I do not want to stop this game until I finish it.

  • TwaniTwani Member Posts: 640
    In general, what happens is the planatar fights your party till you get her down a certain part of health, then runs off in to a portal (leading to another quest). This is dependent on you having Dorn in your party and him being alive (I had a bugged save where Dorn was alive, but the game registered him as dead- had to reset his deathvariable).

    Someone can probably fix your save so that this doesn't happen, but an easy solution might be going to the pocket plane, picking up Dorn, and dragging him along for this fight. As far as I'm aware, you can then go and dismiss him afterwards and continue on like normal without doing the quest (or you can do it for XP if you feel like being evil).

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,180
    edited August 2014
    Unfortunately it looks like it has a minimum hp ring (meaning that it is basically unkillable) So Twani's suggestions are probably going to be your best bet.

  • mewp12mewp12 Member Posts: 61
    I think I finally drove it off but it took most of my resurrection rod to keep everyone alive. Now I have to go find the darn thing..

  • mewp12mewp12 Member Posts: 61
    Now I am in this Tyr wrath place and I don't know what to do. Every time I try to erase my name the Planter comes back and kills us. Is there a secret? I got back to the pocket plane and still can't go anywhere.

  • TwaniTwani Member Posts: 640
    You mean, you followed the planetar through the portal? It's pretty easy. Go, erase your name. Kill all the good guys who want to kill you for doing that. Dorn might talk about how he wants to stab trees. Go north and go and stab a tree, and kill all the good guys who want to kill you for doing that. Run to the exit: along your way, you'll run in to two silver dragons who are pretty angry about you guys corrupting and screwing around in Heaven. If you have 18 CHA (or have done the Cyric trial), I believe you can talk them out of a fight; otherwise, kill them, too. Then run for the portal, as they will close it eventually.

    If you give your party members, it might be easier to give tactics. No one in Heaven has a minHP ring, so everyone can be slaughtered if you so desire. I found the dragon fight pretty mean, but hey, you fight five dragons in one of those ToB mods, so I should be used to that sort of thing- no other fight was that hard.

    You do have Dorn with you in Heaven, right? I think you're supposed to. If you don't want Dorn, don't go through the portal and just ignore it: you should be safe.

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