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Limitations in Icewind Dale: EE?

Very glad to hear this announcement, I'm looking forward to it!

I was curious if there are similar limitations for Icewind Dale as what Beamdog was going through with Baldur's Gate. Specifically:

-Are the art resources that were missing with BG available with IWD allowing for superior graphics improvements?
-Are you limited in similar ways in terms of how you can modify plot, characters, and the adventure in general?

I know in BG, as far as I understood, all of the new plot content needed to be connected to the new NPCs. Since it doesn't look like there will be new NPCs in IWD, does this mean no substantially new content at all?


  • ShadowdemonShadowdemon Member Posts: 80
    It seems the art assets were lost for IWD just like the BG games, so sadly there won't be improvements to the graphics (no HD version) other than the enhancements they built into the engine (there is supposed to be some kind of algorithm that helps when zooming in).

    There hasn't been anything said yet to my knowledge about their contract and whether they can change stuff and if so to what extent.

    The only new content announced so far is the restoration of "cut content" from the original game. It doesn't mean there isn't any new content added by Beamdog (may not have been announced) or maybe they are waiting for a d/l content pack.

  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
    Bruh, the screenshots and the trailer look rather HD to me.
    But I am certain one of the devs mentioned yesterday that IWD already contained HD backgrounds and stuff that where simply scaled down for the game or something. I don't remember where that was mentioned though :/

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