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IWD:EE Request from Sieur de La Cornbread

I apologize for not replying to the questions from my last post months ago, but Earth pulled me away from the internet. I began playing BG2:EE and made it about halfway through before I was repulsed by the new content, some of which was unavoidable without prior knowledge of the filth I was stepping into.

It is obvious that the writers of the new content are extremist party members without any qualms in the world about pushing their ideas of social experimentation and radical change onto me. If I had walked into a gay bar at midnight, I would understand being constantly propositioned for gay sex. It would be completely logical. Instead, I chose to buy a 14 year old AD&D game that was utterly devoid of that. Why throw that in the face of an American man?

This brings me to the topic at hand. If I am to purchase IWD:EE, and that is still up in the air, I would like some assurances from the developers that they will not repeatedly bombard me with rainbow snowballs like they did in BG2:EE, requiring me to take a shower complete with scrubbing after each playing session.

I am now hesitant to desire new content from these social terrorists, but at the same time, after reading a list of the proposed new content in IWD:EE, it doesn't sound like they are adding much of anything aside from more options. Six expanded quests? Perhaps the ghostly paladin quest in the corridor will finally complete, but is that worth $20? Is there any meat being added to the plate? The previous two enhanced editions had some substantial (although perhaps unfulfilled) claim to enhancement. My initial judgement is that this is a money grab whereby the company can build profits by quickly porting their previous Baldur's Gate work from the first two enhancements into Icewind Dale without doing a whole lot of Icewind Dale specific work. On this point, I would happily concede I am wrong in the face of better information. Perhaps some new areas like the Severed Elbow?

Lastly, it would be nice if any new female portraits are not purposefully made ugly, when the artist damn well knows how to draw good looking women.

Sieur de La Cornbread



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