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Removed stuff from Icewind Dale 2

Does anyone know what items and quests were removed from IWD2? Since there is no Unfinished Business mod for IWD2, I'm trying to find out what quests and such can be restored to the inevitable IWD2 EE.

*Bonus merchants: From the IWD2 collector's edition, includes elemental merchant in Kuldahar, and the genie bottle sold by Nym in Wondering Village
*Forgotten armors: From Weidu's Ease of Use mod, the armors were supposed to be placed in the first chapter and are still in the game. The mod added them to various merchants in chapter 1:
*Removed quests/NPCs: Looking at IWD2's quest xp list:
**Myson: Originally, the orcs at Shaengarne River held Myson as a hostage. In the final game, no such NPC exist.
**Glublika: Originally there were alternate solutions to stop the giants from attacking the captain in chapter 2, by either telling them of Sherincal or paying them off. In the final game, the giants are always hostile.


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