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Dual Class not gaining xp

AzureAzure Member Posts: 2
Hi, I am playing BG:EE on andoid on my note 3

I leveled a fighter to level 10 then dual classed it to figther/mage. The mage doesnt gain any xp at all.
I figured the Level /xp cap was level 10 on android as I wasnt gaining any XP once I hit level 10 on my other characters.

So I've just done the whole leveling to level 9 this time hoping I could have my mage hit level 9 also but im still stuck with a level 1 mage with a level 9 inactive fighter not gaining xp from kills/quests.

Am I just a bit stupid or is there something wrong here?




  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The XP cap for BG:EE's main campaign is 161,000; if you have close to that when you dual-class, you won't be able to regain your first class's abilities before you hit it.

    The XP cap for the Black Pits side adventure is different for each class (equivalent to level 10), depending on which class is active for you; when you dual-class from fighter to mage, the cap is adjusted to the mage value (250,000), at which point your fighter XP is higher than the cap already.

    If you're looking to dual-class from fighter to mage in the Black Pits, the highest level you can do that and still have hope of regaining your fighter abilities is level 7; that will take 64,000 XP, leaving you with 186,000 XP left to reach level 8 as a mage.

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