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Driven crazy by conflicting desires - Please HELP!!!

Like many people here, as soon as I heard about IWD:EE including BG kits, I immediately began salivating about finally trying out all those kits that I just couldn't bring myself to RP as a young kid raised by monks in a library fortress (i.e: assassin, blackguard, skald, etc.). Not only that, but it would also give me the chance to finally make use of my stockpile of unused portraits that I had always associated with some of these theoretical characters.

However, as I read over many of the posts offering advice for party creations, I realized that the kind of party that I was envisioning was not necessarily consistent with the advice that I was being offered. For example, the consensus opinion appears to be that I should have a vanilla bard in my party, but I just don't feel like I have the desire to play as one - or if I do play as one, I think that I'd rather try out a skald or a jester than vanilla. It also seems to be generally agreed upon that I should have both a bard and a druid in my party, in addition to the usual cleric and mage - but at the same time, the game is also very hack 'n' slash oriented, which means that I also need to fit a lot of fighters into that configuration. I suppose that I could always go the multi- and/or dual fighter route, which may make my party more efficient, but may also make the members seem less unique and more difficult to RP IMO (for example, I have trouble envisioning a berserker dualing to a spellcaster).

On top of that, I was recently looking over some of the old IWD/HoW manuals, and was reminded that the vanilla classes in IWD receive abilities and bonuses that were not available in the BGs (i.e: paladins can access cleric spells much sooner, and can also cast "smite evil," etc.) - which means, having focused on BG(EE) for so long, some of these classes may feel like I'm playing them for the very first time.

As I mull over possible party formations in my mind, I've been trying to balance all these conflicting interests, but I fear that I may have lost my connection to the rational world as a result. So if anyone here is experiencing the same troubles that I am, I'll be sure to reserve a spot in the asylum for you. ;-)



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