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Booyah! Cleared Unseeing Eye on no-reload with my lvl 9 party!

The Pit of the Faithless took 9 trips to clear up (going back to Ghoul town to rest).

I realized that my F/M can solo any number of Gauths by:
Prot. from Electricity / Spell Immunity: Necromancy / Chaotic Commands

... then, just when I was merrily slaughtering Gauths, a Beholder dashes on to join the fray: it dispels all my protections and charms charname!! (Damn you, SCS!! *shakes fist* )

I throw my entire party to the fray to save charname, letting lose every spell & summon (Kittix & Berserker) as fodder while Jan dashes forward to cast Invisibility 10' near charname, saving him at the last second from certain death!

We escape with our life hanging by a sliver.

... later on I find the second rift device after a tough fight and return to rest before facing the Unseeing Eye -- or so I thought. The Tyrant is waiting around the corner and Abi Dalzim-s my party promptly: Keldorn & Aerie dead in round one!

I hit the thing with the Rift Device and attack it with everything. One more Abi Dalzim kills Jaheira, who was playing decoy. Charname brings down the Beholder with a Fireball. Booyah!

Beholders are very scary.
The satisfaction to beat them in no-reload by good planning (and some luck) is very very gratifying.



  • DexterDexter Member Posts: 253
    Beholders are scary indeed, and with the last few versions of SCS the shield of Balduran is not really helpfull anyways because beholders would use their telekinetic powers to steal it away. I usually summon a few skeletons, even at low level they can hold quite a bit against beholders, and skull trap works great too. But that's one of the places where anything can go to hell any minute, so the no reload thing is quite impressive. Well done!

  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    Oh, I mod out (via SCS) the Shield of Cheese.

    Skeletons are useful, but Gauths chew them up for breakfast. (I'm not exactly 15th level here.)

    The most danger is when a pack of Gauths call a nearby Beholder, as I mentioned.

    Luck favors the prepared: I "wasted" a 3rd level spell slot on 'Invisibility 10' radius' the entire game, just in case I need it for a situation like this. ... and it literally saved my no-reload run.

  • The worst nightmare I've encountered in SCS SOA is an Elder Orb surrounded by beholders. Beholders can be just rushed with sufficiently durable fighters like Korgan, but not the Elder Orb with its previously cast protections to everything.

  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    edited September 2014
    Yeah, I'm fretting that, too, for later in the Underdark.

    I wonder if a Spell Shield/Spell Immunity F/M can tank them...

    (theoretical: In my SCS install, Djinni/Efreeti are 'gated' not 'summoned', so they may tank them and not get insta-killed via Death Spell, perhaps.)

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,145
    edited September 2014
    I use the (un-nerfed) Staff of the Magi to solo the SCS beholders, Spell Trap + Invisibility is all what you need (besides more than a single Fireball), by that time I was levels 10/11/12 (or 10/11/13) F/M/T, and I had cheesed all my way (this means I used lots of cheese to beat the Twisted Rune guys) up to that point : )

    Then, I always do this mission on Chapter 6 to avoid getting killed too early (or avoid getting killed at all).

  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    My installation nerfs the Staff of the Magi: Invisibility at will breaks the AI (even the SCS AI) -- it's impossible to deal with.

    Basically, I remove all cheese & grant the best AI possible without rule changes (e.g., no insta-cast buffs for mages).

    Other than mages (which are still frightening due to sequencers etc.), beholders are probably the greatest bane of no-reload runs.

    I will avoid liches or dragons until ch. 6 & may not do Twisted Rune at all. We'll see. (I permit myself this bit of meta-gaming: simply opening a tomb out of curiosity would end my game otherwise.)

    lolien[Deleted User]Dexter
  • DexterDexter Member Posts: 253
    This is interesting, I may try a no reload run next. What version of SCS do you guys use? I installed SCS:EE v28 and there is a little problem: liches are still immune to breach. Not that they can't be kill of course, I just can't kill them the way I want.

  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    SCS v. 28 seems to be latest (which is also what I'm using). I have yet to confront a lich in BG2EE with it though, so I cannot confirm.

    Are you sure you checked "consistent Breach" thingy at install time?

  • DexterDexter Member Posts: 253
    Ygramul said:

    Are you sure you checked "consistent Breach" thingy at install time?

    Yes, this issue has been reported already. I just was wondering if anyone knew of a workaround.

  • YgramulYgramul Member Posts: 1,059
    Hmmm... that worries me: it would be no fair losing a no-reload run to a bug.

    I'll stay away from liches until end of SoA then.

    I wonder if the recent (rather surreal) case of the AI casting Detect Evil on me was also an SCS glitch:

    (Don't get me wrong: I love SCS & can't play without it!)

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